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Employee Spotlight: VI Motion Group Editor Beau Leland, #FarmLife

Posted by Larry McAlister on Sep 22, 2016

VI’er Beau Leland and his wife Stefanie, self-proclaimed as “crazy” have started harvesting their first crop at their new organic farm in Choctaw.

Reaching Millennials Through Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Posted by Gentry McKeown on Sep 22, 2016

Snapchat has taken the (marketing) world by storm these past 12 months as more and more users jump on board.

Use Video Re-Engager to Retarget Facebook Users in Custom Audiences

Posted by Casey Cornett on Sep 15, 2016

Video, what a great marketing tool in the belt; taking your product or service and fully displaying it to the world. You make this beautiful visual, you put it in front of an audience that will hopefully care, then sit back and watch the phone ring.

3 Optimizations That Link Content and SEO

Posted by Sara Naatz on Sep 14, 2016

Content marketing isn’t going away. That’s because content is not a stand-alone service or strategy. And in the digital sphere, content combines all other aspects of digital marketing into one cohesive strategy — a way to embrace the digital environment in all its complexity.

How a Bank Can Grow Its Share of Wallet

Posted by Christine Golden on Sep 9, 2016

It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire new customers, particularly in banking where it’s a hassle for people to move their money. You have to generate awareness of your brand, demonstrate why your products are better than competitors’, show how a better bank can improve customers’ lives and rely on bankers to gain (and keep) their trust.

Increase Your Share of Wallet with the 2016 Healthcare Consumer

Posted by Caty Mills on Sep 7, 2016

Shopping for healthcare can be a scary experience for patients, and for many, they are entrusting their lives to surgeons and other healthcare professionals. For this reason, healthcare organizations often have difficulty knowing the best ways to connect with potential patients, especially because HIPPA regulations must also be adhered to.

Employee Spotlight: VI Associate Creative Director Aaron Cahill

Posted by Larry McAlister on Aug 31, 2016

He’s an award-winning designer at VI. He’s an acclaimed artist outside of VI. And he, Aaron Cahill, has comingled his passions to soon become an award-winning patron for his work on next month’s Plaza District Festival.

VIth Sense: There's a Marketing Firm on Every Corner. Literally

Posted by Tim Berney on Aug 31, 2016

My friend P.M. likes to remind people that nothing happens until someone makes a sale. True enough. That sets a lot of things in motion for the operations of a companyno matter what was sold. 

Olympics TV Ratings Stumble Due to 2016 Consumer Behavior

Posted by Elizabeth Tower on Aug 26, 2016

I am a fan of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, so I am well versed in the art of avoiding spoilers. As technology grows and changes we must adapt – modern day media Darwinism. Unfortunately, for many Olympic viewers, they were not prepared for the growing trend in media coverage – NOTIFICATIONS (Spoil-ylmpics?)! Evil, evil notifications sent to your phone or pushed out on social media by local and national media to take away the joy and surprise of who would be taking home that Olympic gold.

Welcoming Mixed and Virtual Reality as the Next Big Things in Marketing

Posted by Steve Sturges on Aug 23, 2016

I'm lucky enough to live during some of the most transformative periods in human history. When I was 10 years old, Atari introduced PONG to the world. People everywhere were amazed that you could play video games right on your TV! That same year - 1972, the first pay-TV network was launched: HBO. Thanks to HBO, cable TV would supplant over-the-air TV as the norm in just a few short years.

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