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Call to Action Examples to Use Throughout Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Sara Naatz on Nov 10, 2017

A call to action (CTA) is crucial in pulling users down the funnel toward a conversion. CTAs often take the form of big, flashy buttons on campaign landing pages, urging users to submit a form or take advantage of an offer.

Types of Testimonial Videos — And When to Use Them

Posted by Matt Lowery on Nov 9, 2017

Testimonial videos are best utilized when the viewer will likely be moved to action by hearing from a person that he or she considers a peer or a role model (the sentiment being either “I am like that person, so I should behave as he does” or “I want to be like that person, so I should do what she does.”) Testimonials have been utilized as a marketing tactic for many decades for one simple reason: They work. There are many ways to execute a testimonial video; here are two of my favorites.

Why You Should Be Using the Closed-loop Reporting Model

Posted by Colleen Enis on Nov 9, 2017

You did your research, planned and strategized every aspect of your marketing campaign and successfully hit your carefully articulated goals. What’s next? Closing the loop with a strong report, the most integral piece of the marketing circle.

Improving Your Media Relations Through 3 Simple Practices

Posted by Larry McAlister on Sep 7, 2017

It was never easy, but public relations is much more complex today than it ever has been. Social media platforms, content marketing, influencer engagement, etc. have led PR to be involved in enhanced orchestration, big ideas, communication skills and strategic planning.

My Marketing isn't Working. Why?

Posted by Claire Douthitt on Aug 4, 2017

Whether you’re seeing a steep, sudden decline in results or a gradual dip over time, even the most hard-working marketing plans flatline over time.

5 Tips for Increasing Mobile App Downloads

Posted by Steve Donehue on Aug 2, 2017

That line from Field of Dreams was full of crap. You just built an expensive mobile app and no one has downloaded it.