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Pay-Per Click Advertising – More than just bidding on keywords

In 2000, Google’s formation revolutionized the way we look for information on the World Wide Web. In doing so, Google completely revamped a way for people & businesses to reach their potential consumers.

Posted Nov 28, 2011

Seeing Google for more than just search: Google+ Business Page Launch

The highly anticipated Google+ business pages launched yesterday and the world wants to know How is Google+ different than Facebook?

Posted Nov 8, 2011

Clarifying Word of Mouth

Quick. Name a brand that you only know by word of mouth (WOM) recommendation. I didn't think you could. An organization that believes that it can open its doors and succeed without some sort of marketing is dreaming. And the resurgence of WOM as a marketing tool is greatly misunderstood.

Posted Jun 8, 2009