Your Brand and Empathy: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Brand Positivity, Individual Positivity: What We Can Do Now and Always

Don't Leave Your Audience Guessing: Now is a Time for Bold, Clear Brand Messaging

How To Keep Company Culture Thriving At A Social Distance

An Introvert’s Guide to Working from Home with Your Sanity (Mostly) Intact

The Ins and Outs of Podcast Marketing

How a Reporting Dashboard Can Level-up Your Marketing Game

9 Ways to Tell Your Story in PowerPoint

VIth Sense: 2020 Marketing Predictions

Super Bowl LIV: Advertising's Greatest Showdown

Stream On: Three Tips for Smooth Live Streaming Your Next Video

5 Digital Design Tips to Remember in 2020

How to Develop a Content Strategy That Motivates Behavior Change

Did They Happen?: A Recap of Our 2019 Marketing Predictions

Sharing is Caring: Tips for Building a Tight-Knit Brand Community

Consumer Insight That's Out of Sight: Part IV

Big Television Networks Shutout by Golden Globes

4 Guidelines for Designing Your Brand into the Future

Consumer Insight That's Out of Sight: Part III

Consumer Insight That's Out of Sight: Part II

8 Ways to Optimize Conversions on Paid Search

VIth Sense: Forget What You Know About B2B Marketing Before You’re Assigned to a Committee

5 Tips for Successful Social Media Community Management

VI Marketing and Branding Invites OKC to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Consumer Insight That's Out of Sight: Part 1

Thank You, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

Why Not Wix? 7 Reasons to Custom Build Your Professional Website

Reporting on Digital Marketing: Tips for Optimizing Your Next Campaign

How to Use Traditional Media to Amplify Your Digital Campaign

Messaging Strategies in Behavior Change Marketing

4 Ways to Use Design to Shift Social Norms and Change Behaviors

5 Tips for Choosing Talent for Your Next Video

Gather Insights from Social Media Listening and Social Media Monitoring

VIth Sense: Can a Healthy Dose of Marketing Stop the Opioid Epidemic?

VI Employees Become Behavior Change Marketing Certified

Divide and Conquer: Why Segmentation Matters in Behavior Change Marketing

The Value of LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

VIth Sense: How to be an Authentic Brand People Trust

VI Voted Best Advertising Agency in Oklahoma

"Smarketing": Integrating Marketing and Sales for Best Results

The Benefits and Challenges of Behavior Change Research

A Window into the Wild World of Programmatic Advertising

VI Employee Spotlight: Samantha Turner

Genius Marketing Strategy or Dismal Marketing Failure?

Sound Design: How What You Hear Improves What You See

VI Wins Third Lowe Runkle Award for Oklahoma Highway Safety Campaign

VI Employee Spotlight: Alexandra Taylor

Human Insights: Uncovering the Simply Complex

5 Tips for First Dates (and Building a Brand Voice)

VI Employee Spotlight: Aaron Miller

Translating Your Multi-cultural Marketing Campaign to Another Language

VIth Sense: The Evolution of a Brand

Branding Your Community Event

Copywriting to Influence Behaviors

What to Look for in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

Understanding the Basic Principles of Behavior Change Marketing

VI Employee Spotlight: Julie Rowell | VI Marketing Blogs

5 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Marketing

Why Your Brand Needs Emotional Intelligence

VI Wins the Oklahoma State Department of Health Account

VI Employee Spotlight: Renée Harriman | VI Marketing Blogs

VI Celebrates International Women's Day 2019 | VI Marketing Blogs

The Future of Mobile Payment

Digital Marketing Insights: Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

VIth Sense: A Better Brand Strategy Could Make BK the Burger King | VI Marketing and Branding

VI Marketing and Branding Wins Five Gold ADDY Awards and 2019 People’s Choice Award

Personas: Your (Not So Imaginary) Friends

Super Bowl 2019: Ads in Review

Travel Marketing: It's Time for Vacation!

Storytime with Millennials and Gen Z

Gaze Into the Crystal Ball of  2019 Marketing Predictions

Changing the World with Behavior Change Marketing

Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Funnel Part 4: Timing Is Key

Focusing on Customer Experience is Key to Marketing ROI

VI Marketing and Branding Wins PRSA-OKC Best in Show Award

The Meta-Blogging Blog about Blogging Your Blog

Life in the Faster Lane: 5G-Fueled Marketing & Autonomous Vehicles

VI Employee Spotlight: David Hinds

Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Funnel Part 3: Be Flexible

3 Tips for Planning Large Video Projects

Modern B2B Marketing Strategy: Integrating Human Face and Digital Brain.

VI Marketing and Branding’s Carne Diem Has Big Crowd and Big Impact for United Way

#InstaWhat?: Instagram for Social Media Marketers

Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Funnel Part 2: Understand Customer Journeys

Google Update: Why Your Page Speed on Mobile Matters

Defining Your Marketing Goals, Objectives, and KPIs

VIth Sense: Excedrin Packages a Cure for Your Bad Day at Work

Data and Creativity: A Symbiotic Relationship

Let’s Talk About Chatbots

Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Funnel Part 1: Customers Hold the Control

HTTP to HTTPS: What It Means for Your Website

8 Ways to Bring Your Bank into the Digital Marketing World

VIth Sense: It’s So Good to Hear Your (Brand) Voice

Email Marketing: Don't Mail It In.

How to Turn Data into Marketing Strategy

VIth Sense: Tracking KPIs to Improve Marketing ROI

Planning for the Consumer

Knowing When to Use Vertical vs Horizontal Video

Age Groups Respond to Messages Differently — Are You Prepared?

How to Gather Personal Data in Healthcare Marketing

VIth Sense: If You Want to Track Marketing Results, Listen to Your Customers

Increase Your Email Open Rates with A/B Testing

Creating Consumable Content with Social Storytelling

How to Use Video As a Digital Campaign Tactic

Data Protection & Regulation: Making Sense of a Post Cambridge Analytic & GDPR World

4 Ways to Use Video to Help Improve Campaign Performance and Drive Conversion Rate

VIth Sense: Ecommerce Business Changes in an Instant

What Social Platform Should Your Brand Use

VI Employee Spotlight: Erin Robinson

SEO vs. PPC: How to Know Which Will Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

VIth Sense: Marketing Data Is Creeping Along

How to Outline a Successful Tracking Strategy: Conversion Metrics and KPIs

The Tangled Web of Net Neutrality

VI Employee Spotlight: Valerie Trammell

Behavior Change Marketing: Improving Health in Oklahoma… and Beyond.

Utilizing Multiple Media Tactics to Create a Successful Digital Campaign

Snacktime: How to Use Short-form Video to Leave a Lasting Impression

VIth Sense: Bank on Bank Research

Olympics Ratings Slip, Audiences Watch in New Ways

3 Social Media Tips to Make 2018 Your Brand’s Best Year Yet

VI Marketing and Branding Takes Home People’s Choice Award and Best of Show at Oklahoma City ADDY Awards

VIth Sense: Top 5 Factors of a Weak Brand

What the Atkins Diet Can Teach Us About Branding

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing

Typography Is Your Secret Weapon: A Lesson from Paula Scher 

Content Marketing and Supporting the Sales Funnel

Thanks to Technology and Data, Out-of-Home Advertising Continues to Thrive

VIth Sense: Top 5 Factors of a Strong Brand

How to use LinkedIn in your B2B marketing strategy

The (Positive) Effects of Cause-Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018

Employee Spotlight: Production Artist Jeff Bowman

4 Ways to Use Google Analytics in Your Next Strategic Planning Session

How To Use Cross-Promotion to Increase Sales Next Year.

VIth Sense: The Best Marketing Advice You’ll Ever Get

Call to Action Examples to Use Throughout Your Marketing Strategy

Types of Testimonial Videos — And When to Use Them

Why You Should Be Using the Closed-loop Reporting Model


What Your Crisis Communications Plan Is Missing

Aaron Cahill Singled Out by Society6 International Artist Community

How Do I Utilize My Marketing Budget?

Use These 4 Vital Sections of Google Analytics to Understand Your Web Traffic

VIth Sense: What Colin Kaepernick Can Teach You About Brand Association

Let Fintech teach you about you

Improving Your Media Relations Through 3 Simple Practices

VIth Sense: Keep the "Marketing" in "Digital Marketing"

My Marketing isn't Working. Why?

5 Tips for Increasing Mobile App Downloads

7 Questions to Uncover the Correct Marketing Tactics for You

Experiential Marketing: The Power of Giving Customers More

How to Harness Habits to Create Persuasive Marketing

Which CRM is Best for You?

The Power of Influencer Marketing in 2017

The Benefits of Having a Unique Company Culture

How Fake News Is Negatively Affecting Your Website Traffic

6 Ways to Get More out of Your Speaking Engagements

VIth Sense: Brand or Culture: Which Comes First

How to Rank on Google: A Step-by-Step Guide

4 Ways to Make Customer Reviews Work in Your Favor

The Advantages of Developing a Content Marketing Plan

The Growing Necessity for Cross-Platform Video Measurement

Best Practices for Nailing your Elevator Speech

VIth Sense: Your Next Opportunity is at the Mall

Defending Your Marketing Budget in 5 Steps

How Does SEO Work? 3 Hurdles Websites Need to Overcome

4 Ways Marketers Can Keep Up with Banking Trends

7 Helpful Tips to Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Does Your Marketing Have a ROI? The Answer Is in the Data

Employee Spotlight: Meet VI Marketing Strategist Leslie Denner

LinkedIn Advertising Starts Next Chapter with Matched Audiences

VIth Sense: Could a Loyalty Program Help Your Brand Soar?

5 Tips to Produce More from Your Internal Marketing Team

VI's MustardSeed App Finalist for National APPY Award

Is Cause Marketing Right for Your Brand?

Customers Need Utilities to Embrace Technology

4 Key Ingredients of Effective Content Marketing

Turning Social Media Trends into Results

5 Benefits of Buying Programmatic TV Advertising

Turning the Digital Industry into the Digital Experience

Allowing Data-Driven Marketing to Lead Digital Strategy

Facebook Organic vs. Paid - An Argument for Both

VIth Sense: Self-driving vehicles — First to market wins. First to wreck, loses.

VI Takes Home Gold and Silver at AMBIT Awards

VI Wins Second Lowe Runkle For TSET “Shape Your Future” Campaign

5 Steps for Better Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing

A Utility Company Should Compete Like Everyone Else

Employee Spotlight: Creative Producer Robbie Repola

3 Keys to Winning Retail Consumers in Micro-Moments

Marketing Video Trends for 2017 – Hint: Let's Get Vertical

4 Advantages of an Integrated Approach: SEO & PPC

VIth Sense: Great Brand Strategy Starts in the Bathroom

The 5 Keys to Customer Retention You Need to Know

How to Set Marketing Goals – Lessons from the Chicago Cubs

10 Signs It’s Time for a New Website

Silver Medal Award Presented For Outstanding Contributions To The Industry

Marketing for Utilities: Right Time, Right Place

4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Damaged Brand in Crisis

Employee Spotlight: Marketing Strategist Caty Mills

The Puppy Bowl Was the Best Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Halftime Show Review: What Pepsi Did Made Zero Sense

Super Bowl Commercial Review: 84 Lumber's "The Journey"

Super Bowl Commercial Review: Snickers' "A Live Super Bowl Commercial"

Super Bowl Commercial Review: GoDaddy's "The Internet Wants You"

Super Bowl Commercial Review: KFC's “Colonel vs. Colonel”

Super Bowl Commercial Review: Wendy’s "Cold Storage"

Super Bowl Commercial Review: Budweiser's "Born the Hard Way"

Super Bowl Commercial Review: King's Hawaiian "False Cabinet"

Super Bowl Commercial Review - Heinz's "Smunday"

Super Bowl Commercial Review: Mr. Clean's "Cleaner of Your Dreams"

How a Utility Company Can Attract Customers

Super Blogs: 1 of 10 - Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit"

Super Blogs: 2 of 10 - Master Lock's "Shot Lock"

Super Blogs: 3 of 10 - Volkswagen’s "Use the Force"

Super Blogs: 4 of 10 - Old Spice’s "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"

Super Blogs: 5 of 10 - Ram’s "God Made a Farmer"

Super Blogs: 6 of 10 - Apple’s "1984"

Super Blogs: 7 of 10 - FedEx’s "We Apologize"

Super Blogs: 8 of 10 - Always' "Like A Girl"

Super Blogs: 9 of 10 - Newcastle's "If We Made It"

Super Blogs: 10 of 10 - Budweiser’s "Frogs"

3 Ways to Raise Donations from Millennials

Is an App Right for You? 4 Questions to Help You Decide.

Truly Meeting Customers Where They Demand It - Social Media

5 Reasons Behind the Digital Strategy Dominance of American Horror Story

Utility Customers Demand (and Deserve) Better Communications

Employee Spotlight: SEO Coordinator Sara Naatz

How to Successfully Drive App Downloads

Challenging Marketers to Fight Fake News

VIth Sense: Engage Your Social Media Personality

The Preferred Communications Channels for Utilities

The Television vs. Livestream Battle Will Continue in 2017

How 'Fake News' Disrupts Sponsored and Native Advertising

3 Holiday Marketing Tips All B2B's Should Be Leveraging

Year in Review: VI's Marketing Trend Predictions for 2016

4 Ways to Tame the Content Marketing Beast

Employee Spotlight: Digital Media Strategist Grace Abblitt

Carne Diem Gives Meat to VI Marketing and Branding’s Brand

5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Developing Your App

VIth Sense: Unconventional Lives of Millennials and Chick-fil-A

Opinion Leaders Choose Influencer Marketing

Winner of 2016's Political Advertising Spend? Digital Media.

The Science Behind Creative Writing

The Win-Win-Win Scenario for Digital Advertising vs. Ad Blockers

Employee Spotlight: Senior Media Strategy Buyer Jennifer Manning

VIth Sense: Burger King's Disruptive Marketing Generating More Than Publicity

The 5 Principles of Great Flag Design - Oklahoma City, Are You Listening?

3 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Instant Articles

Real-Time Google Algorithm Released: Penguin 4.0

How to Take Advantage of Inbound Marketing

Pokemon Go May Not Be for You, but It Could Be for Your Business

Problem-solving to Effectively Position Your Brand

VIth Sense: Google's Influence on Brands

3 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Photography

3 Project Management Keys to Keep You and Your Agency Happily Together

Employee Spotlight: VI Motion Group Editor Beau Leland, #FarmLife

Reaching Millennials Through Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Use Video Re-Engager to Retarget Facebook Users in Custom Audiences

3 Optimizations That Link Content and SEO

How a Bank Can Grow Its Share of Wallet

Increase Your Share of Wallet with the 2016 Healthcare Consumer

Employee Spotlight: VI Associate Creative Director Aaron Cahill

VIth Sense: There's a Marketing Firm on Every Corner. Literally

Olympics TV Ratings Stumble Due to 2016 Consumer Behavior

Welcoming Mixed and Virtual Reality as the Next Big Things in Marketing

The Culture and Tradition Lives on for VI's Friday Work Environment

Data Driven Marketing: A Guide Through Website Analytics

6 Ways Your Marketing Success Gets the Wrong Attribution

The Best in Creativity: Grand Prix Winners from the 2016 Cannes Lions

Branding: Sponsors With a Sporting Chance

Don't Judge Public Relations by Its Cover

VI Adds Six Marketing Professionals

The Priority of Filmmaking - Storytelling Through Equipment

What’s an IDI and Why Is It Important?

VIth Sense: Offline vs. Online Marketing - Which One Do Consumers Respond More To?

5 Ways to Hit Conversion Goals in Digital

3 SEO Insights You Need to Know

How to Make Snapchat Work for your Business

The Building Blocks of Creativity. Part 3 of 3: Sorting Through Your Legos

The Missing "P" in Your Marketing Plan

The Building Blocks of Creativity - Part 2 of 3: Filling Your Tub With Legos

3 Questions to Ask About Your Digital Marketing Effort

VIth Sense: Secret Marketing Lessons From Victoria

The Building Blocks of Creativity - Part 1 of 3: Playing With Legos

Target's Brand: Just Be Nice

Behavior: Why Consumers Choose You (or Not)

Thinking Google Ads? HTML5 Is a Bigger Priority than You Think

Facebook’s Unaddressed Google Analytics Problem

An Idiot's Guide to Technical Writing

VIth Sense: Some Insight on... Insight

A Simple Facebook Trick You Should Start Using Today

Public Relations Is What Wins Elections, but This Isn’t Your Dad’s Election

How Traditional Animation Lives in a Computer Animated World

VI Adds Two Marketing Professionals

The When Where and Why of Social and Commercial Marketing

Empathy vs Sympathy: Knowing the Difference Matters to your Customers

Content Strategy - What Motivates Your Audience?

Redefining Digital Data with Journey Mapping

VIth Sense: Claiming Brand Positions – A Home Improvement Truth

Social Media's Influence on Politics - It Just Makes Sense

Heat Mapping is the Diagnosis to Your Website's Performance

The Nielsen Ratings Are about to Get Much More Accurate

Where Does Native Advertising Fit into Your Marketing Strategy?

Dynamic Emails Deliver Dynamic Content to Your Users' Inbox

A Good Public Health Marketing Strategy is Hard Work

VI Leads Addy Gold Rush in Oklahoma City and Colorado Springs

VIth Sense: Content Marketing is a Real Burger

3 Must Know Observations for Your Mobile Video Strategy

Out-Stream Video and the Unstoppable Digital Revolution

VI’s Digital Summit Brings Team Up to Speed on Best Practices and Digital Strategy for Clients

What Is the Right Marketing Budget for You? Depends on Your ROI...

The Psychology of Color: How Color and Design Affect Behavior

For Creative Artists It's Sink or Swim, Just the Way I like It

What the NCAA's March Madness Can Do for Your Company's Brand

B2Bs Need Linkedin, and Here's Why

Your Facebook Audience Just Got More Emotional

Don't Be a Spammer - Email With a Purpose

Google Wants Your SEO to Roll with the Panda

What You Need to Know About Google’s New SERPs

Five Keys to More Accurate Performance Reporting

VIth Sense: Can You Trump This Brand?

Your Company's Storytelling Tells More than Just the Story

Here's Why It's Time to Un-stock Your Photography

The 2016 Digital Media Landscape

AdBlockers vs. Advertisers: Who Has All the Power?

A Little Light on $5 Million for a Super Bowl Ad? Think PR

Is Media Buying in the Super Bowl Necessary?

The Super Bowl in a Multi-Screen Viewing World

Planning Social Media Content During the Super Bowl? Think "Useful"

5 Takeaways from TEDx Talk on Reaching Generation iGen

The Benefits of a Strategic Planning Session

VIth Sense: Marketing Can't Save You

Is Your Social Campaign Ready to Publish?

5 Marketing Takeaways From Losing the Lottery

2016 Marketing Predictions

VI Marketing and Branding's Carne Diem Raises Record Amount for United Way of Central Oklahoma

The Instagram Ads Are Here and Hipsters Won't Cheer

Rebranding a City: 5 Questions to Answer

VI Marketing and Branding Digital Media Team Reaches 100% Google Partner Status

Defining Modern Public Relations with Help from the Past

Brand Messaging Matters – It’s Science

Dear Volkswagen, This Is Not How to Handle a Scandal

Is Your Marketing Strategy to Be Popular or Better?

4 Paid Search Tips to Better Leads and Lower Spending

Matching Your Website's Digital Design with Functionality

Get Better Results from Your Email Marketing Campaign

VI Marketing and Branding Wins Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Account

VIth Sense: Lessons on Branding from the Dot Com Bubble

Brands: 7 Email Rules the FTC Needs You to Know

Creating Presentation Decks for the Listener, Not the Presenter

The How-to Guide for Reaching Your Target Audience? Research.

7 Ways Green Screens Offer Best Possible Production Value

The Complete 8-Step Logo Design Process

Turning up the Volume on a Writer's 'Voice' in Radio Production

Brands: Stop Doing These 6 Annoying Things on Social Media

Should You Advertise on TV?

Why Your SEO Organic Ranking is Important

The Latest News of the News on Social Media

VIth Sense: Social is Climbing in the Marketing World

Your Brand: Lived Internally, Reflected Publicly

How to Media Buy for Fall 2015 Television Shows

Proof That Proofreading Maters

VI Marketing and Branding Adds Four Marketing Professionals in Oklahoma City Office

Remember to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Social

Find Out What is Driving Your Social Media ROI

Measure Your Marketing Plan with KPIs

How to Define Digital Marketing Success

Social Media's Evolution with Small Business

How to Calculate Marketing ROI

9 Tips for Nailing Your Television Interview

Carne Diem! VI's Chili Cook Off Raises Thousands for Project COPE, Pioneers Musuem

How to Create the Best Billboard Ads

Facebook Used to Catch a Thief

Why Your Brand Position Should Lead Decision-Making at Your Company

The VIth Sense - The Digital Marketing Age is Very Human

Attract More Conference Attendees to Your Trade Show Booth

Typography on the Web: Fonts and How to Use Them

The Media Buying Political Advertising Frenzy for 2016 is Here

Is Your Smartphone Acceptable for Creating a Business Video?

Healthcare Marketing: More Important than Ever

Stats and Tips on the Influence of Blogging for Your Business

Digital Marketing's Revolution of the Car-Buying Process

How to Get Your "Best of Show" Work the "Best of Show" Award

Brand Competition as a Marketing Strategy

Marketers: Define And Take Advantage Of Programmatic Media Buying

VI Marketing and Branding Wins National ADDY Award

Geo-target Social Advertising Messages to Your Audience on Facebook

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media Video

Planning: The Difference Between Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Fight Ad Fatigue by Refreshing Your Creative Campaign

Your Brand Is Not a Logo

Strategic Planning for Your Fiscal Year's Budget

Connect with Your Customers Through Powerful Storytelling

Bringing Personalized Experiences to Your Utility Customers

Why Facebook Ads Are Great for Your Business Objectives

The VIth Sense: Here’s Why Creative Marketing is King

Tips Your Business Needs to Join the Community You Serve

How a Utility Can Engage the Millennial Customer

The Importance of Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing: Six Steps to Developing a Strategy

Four Email Design Trends That Will Engage Your Readers Instead of Putting Them to Sleep

Kansas City Research Institute Selects VI Marketing and Branding as Agency of Record

What a Quality Score Means for Your Google Paid Search Campaign

Your Business Suffers From Inefficient Multitasking

Why Your Personal and Professional Brands Are the Same

VI Marketing and Branding Wins National Silver Addy at American Advertising Federation Awards

Why a Large Marketing Agency Is Your Most Cost Efficient Option

Gathering Customer Feedback Through Online Panels

7 Steps to Hiring the Right Agency for Your Business

How Marketing Automation Can Make Your Business Smarter

Why Your Business Should Switch from B2B to H2H Marketing

5 Tips for Simpler Communication with Your Customers

Digital Display Strategies in a Mobile-Friendly World

How Research and Your Marketing Strategy Work Together

VI Marketing and Branding Adds Digital Media Specialist

Television's Sweeps May Influence Your Media Buying Strategy

Keys to Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Public Relations Campaigns

VI Marketing and Branding Named okcBIZ Best Ad Agency 2015

Utility Customer Communications Made Easy

VI Marketing and Branding Adds Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategist

How to Harness Interactive Live Broadcasting to Grow Your Business Via Social Media

Where is Video Content in Your Utilities Marketing Strategy?

VI Marketing and Branding Adds Motions Graphics Designer

VI Marketing and Branding Adds Marketing Strategist

4 Factors to Measuring a Utilities Campaign

Learn How Research Influences Marketing Strategy

Create a Smart Website Built for Your Future Client

You Are in Control of Your Online Reputation

4 Steps to Having a Productive Brainstorm

How Twitter’s Unique Features Get You More than Views

How to Generate Big Ideas in the Creative Thought Process

Updated Features: Using Pinterest for Business in 2015

4 Steps to Improve Website Performance Using A/B Testing

Reach Your Demographic With Advanced Media Research

Marketing Objectives Should be Measurable

Periscope vs. Meerkat: The Answer to Social Live Broadcast?

Linkedin Strategy for Your Business

Research and Analytics: How Smart Is Your Agency?

What Is the Difference Between Sponsored Content and Native Advertising?

Stop Filtering Instagram Out From Your Business

Does Your Website Meet Google’s Newest Mobile-Friendly Guidelines?

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Banks and Credit Unions

Utility Companies are Winning on Social Media - Here's How

Marketing and March Madness Have Plenty in Common

VI’s Dimitri Kostjukov Earns Flash Studio Certification From Google

Purpose Driven Branding: Is It for You?

What Does a B2B Company Do on Social Media?

5 Steps to Killer Online Conversions

Optimize Your Digital Campaign for Maximum Return

5 Ways to Refine your Target Audience

Why Humor Isn’t Always Funny in Advertising

5 Important Factors in Choosing a CMS

The Value of Live Sports in Television Advertising

Public Relations Strategies for Events

What Customers Want From Their Bank

5 Ways Marketing Can Benefit Your Bank

Real-Time Marketing: What Does the Data Say?

VI Marketing and Branding Adds Marketing Strategist

The Value of a Super Bowl Ad

Communications Arts Magazine Names VI A Winner In Typography Annual 5 National Competition

How Super Bowl Advertising Has Changed the World

How to Measure Digital Marketing ROI in 6 Steps

Trade Show Marketing - Gimmicks Are Not Strategies

Here’s My Beef With Organic Content

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Turning the Tables on Big Tobacco

3 Ways to Take Creativity

7 Marketing Predictions for 2015

Create a Social Media Plan for Results

Misconception: Creativity = Artistry

The Best and Worst Rebrands of 2014

VI Marketing and Branding Adds Marketing Strategist

VI is VI

11 Tips to Prepare You for a Public Relations Crisis

Do You Own Technology or Does Technology Own You?

Recognizing the Brand That Never Sleeps

Privacy in a Social World: Why Privacy Matters and What Social Platforms Like Twitter are Doing to Protect Users from Themselves

Power to the User

The 5 Ingredients to a Great Idea

VI’s Carne Diem Chili Cook Off Raises Thousands for United Way

National "Excellence in Integrated Communications" Award - VI Marketing and Branding

The Bane of SEO’s Existence

The Beginning of the End for Group-Based Marketing

How pizza gets personal

Old School Tactics are Ridiculousness

VI Marketing and Branding Builds Out Its Marketing Team

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS

(Social) Holiday Promotions Done Right

VI Marketing and Branding Adds to Growing Client Roster

"Chili Cookoffs Abound" - via NewsOK / The Oklahoman

Communication Arts Magazine names VI's "White Space" as Winner for Typography in Motion

Carne Diem in Colorado Springs Raises $2,700 for Local Charities

The Oklahoma Joe's Rename Debacle - VI's Take on the Name Change (3 of 3)

"Smoldering Joe's" - VI's Take on the Oklahoma Joe's Name Change (2 of 3)

From Oklahoma Joe's to Joe's Kansas City - VI's Take on the Name Change (1 of 3)

What Exactly is Apple Hoping to Accomplish?

VI Play's Host at First Friday Kansas City

VI Marketing and Branding Named Finalist for Jay Chiat Global Advertising Award: Company Recognized for 5320 Campaign

Does Your Brand Have a Vision?

Four Rights Make... A Sale

The VIth Sense - Demographics are Psycho

Google Updates Algorithm, Releases Panda 4.0

Go Dewey Go! VI's Award-Winning Water Conservation Campaign

VI Marketing and Branding garners prestigious GRAND PEAK award in the 26th Annual CO+AMA Peak Awards

Twitter Is Becoming More Facebook-like

We're Certifiable

Kansas City Marketing Firm Standing Out with Digital Excellence

Does Your Brand Have Character?

Creativity Is Key When It Comes to Engagement Strategy

Why Storytelling Matters to Your B2B Audience

The VIth Sense - Content Marketing is Not a Strategy

Objectively Speaking

2014: The Year of Moment Marketing

Are You a Con Artist?

Hip To Be Square


Sooner Sports TV Captures 5 ADDY Awards

The VIth Sense - Got Retsyn?

Your Tablet is Growing

Stop Guest Blogging For Authoritative Links

Your Paid Media Budget is Too High

Most Admired CEOs honored, via The Journal Record

The VIth Sense - The New Fundamental Marketing Tools

Health and Technology

Want to Win 2014? Here are VI Tips that Will Help!

The Year of Imagination

Social Media is Transforming Super Bowl Advertising via

Social Showdown: Flipboard vs. Pinterest

TV Ads Still Matter

Facebook to Roll Out Video Advertising

Amazon Prime: Creating the Total Package?

Why B2B Marketers Can’t View Social Media As Optional

Resolution Solution

All Through the House

Happy New (Content) Year

Tis the Season for Show Cancellations

Data: Your Favorite Christmas Gift

Christmas Is The Season For Brand Loyalty

Christmas Ads Traditions All Their Own

Grey Turkey Day Leaves a Funny Taste In My Mouth

Google's New Advertising Revenue Uses Your Experiences

How Much Money Have YOU Made for Twitter?

Twitter's Big Update Changes Platform Look and Feel

Google’s Hummingbird to Sweeten Searches

Mayor to Speak at Better Block KC’s Main Street Takeover on October 4

Google “secures” data, explanation (not provided)

10 Social Media Stats To Show Your CEO

The making of the 2013 OU Football Intro Video (Behind-the-Scenes)

Tis The Season

Is VI Marketing and Branding Juicing?

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch – But the Ride Is!

Changes and Growth in Online Education

The VI Guide for dressing for an interview

Social Media Drives People Back to Live Viewing and Advertisers Rejoice!

Digital Marketing Meets the Mobile Revolution

Don’t be afraid to be cool.

It’s Not for Robots Anymore

Agency Life: Really?

Businesses on Facebook: What's Not to Like?

The Social Network: Anti-Social Marketing

Oh behave.

Banks Need To Consider Social Marketing To Reach The Unbanked

Doc Blogger Driving National Healthcare Conversation From Broadway Extension

Social media is pretty much for every business but yours.

Advertise on Pandora? You're Probably Doing it Wrong.


Sustaining a Successful Business Includes Knowing Everything About Your Competition

Meet our new Social Media Strategist - Rachel Prince

Best behind-the-scenes at the Puppy Bowl

Super Bowl Ads Worth $4 Million Dollars a Pop? Hell Yeah

Super Blah Week

Not changing the game- Just adding to it!

The Money Shot We Used to Have

111 Million Viewers is Nice, but PRing the Ads Provides Real Value

Production Value and Watchability part 1

The First and the Last

Hearts Racing, Panties Wadded Under Pressure of Super Bowl Ads

Is Volkswagon’s Super Bowl Ad Racist?

Gambling on the Super Bowl


Are Super Bowl Ads Really That Super?

Super Bowl Has a Lock on Effectiveness

GoDaddy Goes Funny


Advertise on Pandora? You’re probably doing it wrong.

Facebook: 2013 will be a lot of the same. Hold on tight.

Carne Diem! VI’s Chili Cook Off Raises Thousands For United Way

Holidays and the way we shop…

Let's welcome to the VI family, the ","

You Can't Design a Brand

2012 “There's Only One Oklahoma” Football Intro Video

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

JCPenney: Out With the Old, Out With The New

Pandas And Penguins: Google's Changes Upset Website Rankings

"Day in the Life" of President / Brand Strategy Tim Berney

The Late Night Letterman List: Does Your Company Have One?

Social Marketing vs. Social Media

And now deep thoughts, from our new intern.

Welcome to the VI Family: Marketing Strategist Aislinn Willander

Paige Pantlik - Public Relations intern

Welcome to the VI Family: Marketing Coordinator Beth Goodfellow

Get your popcorn ready for the Super bowl of IPO’s…

Fix-A-Leak Week! Colorado Spring Utilities educates on water conservation

Google Play - New Addition to Google Repertoire

VI Marketing and Branding - Colorado Springs ADDYs

Facebook's new platform OVERHAUL: 7 changes you need to know

Watch Facebook's #fMC LIVE - Business Changes

VI Marketing and Branding - "Thank you" Facebook ad campaign

2012 ADDY Awards - Recap

VI's Colorado Springs office - new intern, Laura Schnarr

The Best Super Bowl Commercial

The Legend of Gary - Episode One

Meet Mark Hill - Copywriting/Production Intern for VI

Meet Geraldine Lartey - VI intern

Meet Jake Sloan - VI's Art Direction intern

Trends for 2012

"Going Mobile" response for Twitter user - @7mediagroup

Another new employee at VI - Meet Matt Lowery

Preparing for social media presentations

Throw Your Red Away

We are the problem

Stuffing the Genie Back in the Bottle

The Making of a YOUtilities Challenge

3D-Type Animation in Cs5

Pay-Per Click Advertising – More than just bidding on keywords

Seeing Google for more than just search: Google+ Business Page Launch

Social Media doesn't have to be a "venting" venue

The Google Buzz kill

Social Media Explosion


Put some personality in your blah, blah, social media, blah.

VI Marketing and Branding Acquires Kansas City’s Pearcy Dunning Advertising & PR

Will Learn For Food

All That Glitter Is Not Gold

The VIth Sense - If You Don't Have Customers You Don't Have a Company

Google Minuses… and Pluses

80s From the Future

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

New Marketing = Man Hours

Who’s Gonna Pay for News? You, for starters…


Free Marketing Tip: Don’t put signage up backwards

Let Go of Your Covered Wagon

Super Opportunity

What's in a brand?

From Mr. Obvious

Deal Breaker

Networking: Great or Grim?

The VIth Sense - You Can't Sell Tomatoes at the Shoe Store

Blockbuster Plan or Blockbuster Video?

Casual Friday

Don't Just Recycle, Reuse!

Why Ask Why

Digital Boards - Everything in Moderation

Sometimes Violins are the Answer

Regulating PDFunkiness

Barons are you listening? Have you learned nothing from the Blazers?

Do I need a Franken-Mac?

Where did the day go?

Trading Winks for Links

Apple Wants You... And You... And You...

Usability Matters

I'm a Sucker

The Why Pad

The Speed of Need

The VIth Sense - When Competition is Good

Trick or Tweet

Ideas Are Bad for Marketing

The VIth Sense - Does Dawn Look Dirty?

The VIth Sense - A Lesson From Main Street

The VIth Sense - Tropicana: Stupid Smart

Branding: The Proof Is In The Pudding – And 300 Other Products

The VIth Sense - Snickers Satisfies

The VIth Sense - Domino's Boldly Goes Where No Sane Person Would Ever Go

The Biggest Losers

Bowling for Results

The VIth Sense - The Public Relations Silo

Don't Ask Questions - Just Do It!

Obligatory Tiger Comment

The VIth Sense - Evolve or Die

The Next Big Thing In Marketing - Human Trust

It's Called SOCIAL Media For a Reason

The VIth Sense - Powerful Medium or Powerful Format?

Live Ad

Whats a Brand Really Worth?

Death and Newspapers

Social Media is a Two-Way Conversation

Make Your Sponsorships Work

Don't Forget to Sell

Corporate Gifts That Pay Off - Party Two (Attaboy Ralph)

The VIth Sense - VI Tips on Finding the Right Firm

Corporate Gifts That Pay Off

Drowning in Lethargy

Mufflers, Tires, and Water Pumps, Oh My!

The VIth Sense - The Value in Messaging

A New Dawn

The VIth Sense - Where's Toyota?

Good News for TV, Marketing Dilemma For You

What Your Company Can Learn From Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Clarifying Word of Mouth

The VIth Sense - Starbucks Continues to Trip Over Itself

Online Habits of Mothers

Are You Listening?

Get Ready to Pay for Online News

The VIth Sense - IHOP Leaping Over Their Competitors


Gold Level Opportunity

If You're Going to do Something, Do it Right!


Is Digital Communication Raising a Disconnected Generation?

The VIth Sense - TV Networks Closing in on Irrelevance

The First Recession Marketing Study

The VIth Sense - Sonic Reaction Is True to Its Brand

Short-Term Decisions Have Long-Term Effects On Your Brand

Cutting Editorial Staff Bad for Business

The VIth Sense - Revisiting Starbucks

The Vith Sense - Too Much Pepper

The VIth Sense - Why You Shouldn't Lower Prices During These Tough Times

The VIth Sense - Yoplait: Supporting or Exploiting Breast Cancer Cure?

The VIth Sense - The Best Get Better and The Rich Get Richer

The VIth Sense - AOL Could Still LOL

Leaner is Always Better

Dislike Commercials, But Don't Have a DVR? This May Not Be a Problem.

The VIth Sense - Think Like The Consumer

Slashed Marketing Budget?

Keep Up With Consumer Habits During A Down Economy

Internet Usage Up 62% From Last Year

The VIth Sense - A&E's Bark Bigger Than It's Bite

Sponsorships: You'll Get Out of it What You Put into it

The VIth Sense - We Told You So - Starbucks is Closing 700 Stores

Death by Customer Survey: Missing a Key Opportunity to Grow Your Business

The VIth Sense - We Can't Stop Marketing

The Vith Sense - Commericals, Er... Bathroom Breaks

Traditional Target Demographics Are Irrelevant

The VIth Sense - Brand Association is Relevant for States and Cities Too

The New Media Empire: A Shift Every Business Needs to Know About

Customer Satisfaction: The Best, The Worst, and What it Mans to Your Business

The VIth Sense - Starbucks Performance Decaffeinated as of Late

The VIth Sense - Television in Trouble

More on Marketing During a Recession

More about New Marketing

The Vith Sense - Wendy is a Loser

Why Your Company Should Embrace the Recession

The Vith Sense - Repositioning Hummer Nothing Short of Genius

Entering the New Marketing Frontier

The VIth Sense - Sonic Really Good at What They Do Really Good

The VIth Sense - Sales are Good so It's Not a Priority

Sponsorships are Greatly Misunderstood

The VIth Sense - Harold's Clothing Hanging on by a Thread

The Increasing Power of Public Relations