VI Marketing and Branding Earns Top Honors in International Creative Competition

VI Marketing and Branding Earns Top Honors in International Creative Competition

Local agency among top firms world-wide honored at creative award show


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Posted Nov 21, 2023

Retaining Commercial Bank Customers Made Easy

Commercial Bankers are in a unique situation. They have the opportunity to provide much-needed solutions to people and businesses that are in great need of them. Their deep understanding of the banking system and financial statements provides them the opportunity to be valued consultants to their prospects and customers.

Posted Nov 2, 2023

VIth Sense: Paid Media Defines the Modern-Day Ad Agency

I was happy to see Judy Pollack’s (@judy_pollack) Ad Age article about the J. Walter Thompson (JWT) agency and its long legacy of great work. The JWT name is being retired altogether as holding company WPP is merging Wunderman Thompson with VMLY&R, which were four distinct and renowned agencies just five years ago. Some of JWT’s most famous works include ‘I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner’ and ‘I’m a Toys R Us Kid;’ two jingles that still run around in my head today.  

Posted Nov 2, 2023

20 Tips To Prevent Distractions and Drive Safely

In our fast-paced world where the demands of daily life keep us on the move, safe driving practices are paramount. Beyond ensuring our own wellbeing, we have an even greater obligation behind the wheel: safeguarding the lives of others who share the road with us. The dangers of driving distracted are well-documented and pose significant risks for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. 

Today, we’re sharing 20 distracted driving safety tips that can help you become a safer driver and effectively prevent distractions — whether you’re navigating extreme weather conditions or managing the delightful chaos that comes with having pets in the car. 

Posted Oct 30, 2023

Dressing for a Better Tomorrow: How To Sustain an Ethical Closet

“Fast fashion” is a relatively new term to the style industry. It’s cheap, runway-inspired clothing made in large quantities to meet consumer demand. The aim is to deliver the latest styles quickly, encouraging frequent purchases and short-lived garments. “Wear today. Dispose tomorrow”

This practice contributes to fashion's overproduction and overconsumption issues, making it a major environmental polluter.

Posted Oct 28, 2023

Adopting Change in Pet Adoption

 Are you considering adding a furry member to your family? They can bring joy, excitement, and fun to any household and really do become a member of your family. You may be considering a new pet for your child this holiday season and wondering how to go about adopting your pet and the best ways to integrate that pet into your home.  

Even if you have adopted a pet in the past, there are so many options and tons of information out there that can make finding your perfect new pet seem overwhelming. If you have previously adopted a pet from a breeder or pet store, you may have unknowingly adopted a pet that originated from a puppy mill, which although legal, can be a breeding ground for illness, disease and overall unethical conditions for animals. While it may seem like the easy route to find the exact pet you are looking for, there so many shelters and rescues filled with perfect pets looking for their forever homes.  

Before you adopt a pet, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.  

Posted Oct 28, 2023

VI Raises $11,440 for United Way of Central Oklahoma

VI Marketing and Branding’s 21st Annual Chili Cook-Off Raises $11,440 for the United Way of Central Oklahoma.

Posted Oct 24, 2023

Travel – The Reawakening

Travel is officially back, and it’s thriving. The statistics speak for themselves.

As we embark on this new era of travel, it's clear that travelers are reshaping their habits to prioritize personal growth and global betterment, embodying a more conscious and responsible approach to exploring the world.

Let’s dive into three key behavioral shifts that have emerged and destination marketers that are transforming the future of travel.

Posted Oct 17, 2023

Rethink Plastic

Plastic is not inherently bad, but our throwaway use of it is. Brands and consumers are reviewing their own behaviors to prevent plastic pollution. But are we all doing enough? Sadly the answer is, “probably not.”

I recently stumbled upon a Netflix special called History 101, and the first episode that caught my eye was titled “Plastics.” In the first 2 minutes I was stopped dead in my tracks when they said “Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists today.” That was hard to wrap my head around, which led me to dig deeper to understand how serious the issue is and what can be done about it.

Posted Oct 13, 2023

Volunteering for Change: Connecting with Your Community to Combat Hunger

In 2022 more than 34 million people in America were food insecure, including 9 million children. Feeding America and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) define hunger as a “lack of consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life.” Food insecurity has many root causes, from poverty, lack of affordable housing and access to healthcare.

Understanding the root causes of hunger and getting involved with your local food bank is a great entry point to learn more about fighting and advocating for changes to public policy so no American ever has to go hungry.

Here are three ways that you can give:

Posted Oct 12, 2023

Committing to Inclusion and Diversity

VI cares about the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. While we work to influence behavior change and make a positive impact in our communities, we understand that it starts internally first. Our DEI committee’s mission is to cultivate a workplace that upholds diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront: influencing our ideas, impacting our strategies and shaping our values.

Some of our members of the DEI committee recently had the pleasure of attending the Schnake Turnbo Frank Inclusion & Diversity Consortium where they brought back key information on how to be better allies, how to create a sense of belonging in shared spaces and how to avoid burnout when doing the hard work of combating systemic issues.

Posted Oct 10, 2023

Coming Clean About Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), Part I: Diagnostic Criteria and Root Causes

As I reflected on my topic for this year’s 30 Days of Change, I considered changing things up, but like it or not, addiction is what I know best. I’ve pored over the science of it, sure, but I’ve also lived through it — and changing behaviors begins with empathy, followed by raising awareness and influencing attitudes. I don’t know that anyone is better qualified to tackle a sensitive subject than someone who’s personally experienced it. What else am I going to do with all of this righteous anger? Because despite decades of evidence proving that SUDs are mental disordersinvolving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment and an individual's life experiences, many people still believe they’re a choice, or worse yet, a moral failing. These harmful misconceptions have only exacerbated the stigmas that bar many sufferers from asking for help.

I struggled to distill my thoughts into a single blog post, so I thought to myself, Why do one when I could do several? (Which is precisely the kind of logic that led to my alcohol use disorder in the first place, I know!) Today, I’ll share a bit of my own experience with an SUD, along with breaking down some diagnostic criteria and root causes. Hopefully, by the end of part I, you’ll have a deeper understanding of addiction and empathy for those who suffer from it.

Posted Oct 8, 2023