Mastering DreamStudio: Four Unique Ways to Harness the Creative Potential of AI

If it feels like the world of technology is evolving at the speed of a sci-fi novel, you aren’t wrong. As a designer and artist, I view generative AI as both a tool with limitless potential and an intimidating shakeup for the creative world. As with any major historical shift, adapting to the current is imperative.

I’ve explored a multitude of methods and programs, but in this post I’ll focus on the one I use most, DreamStudio, a user interface (UI) created by to house their model called Stable Diffusion. It’s incredibly simple to use, and you don’t need any new software or coding knowledge to play around with it. Today, I’ll be showcasing four different ways I use it at work. But first, let’s go over some basic terminology!

Posted Jun 28, 2023

Explore Google's Search Generative Experience for Next-Level Search and Shopping Ads

Vidhya Srinivasan, VP/GM of Advertising at Google, said it best: “You are not competing with AI. You are competing with marketers using AI.”

Yet as marketers, it’s only natural to be a little bit anxious about artificial intelligence, or AI. At some point, we’ve all wondered if AI will take over our jobs. I know I have! But as I watched Google Marketing Live 2023, this intrusive thought subsided.

AI is everywhere, and it’s here to stay — but it’s not here to replace us. It’s here to make us better marketers who are more efficient at strategic work. Here are three new AI products Google recently launched that I can’t wait to test out in VI’s search accounts!

Posted Jun 21, 2023

Juneteenth: Educating, Honoring and Impacting

For most Americans July 4th is looked at as Independence Day. We get the day off, barbeque, spend some time in the pool and maybe even attend a fireworks show. However, for myself and many other members of the Black community, Independence Day looks a bit different. After the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, it would take an additional two years for slaves in Texas to hear of their newfound freedom on June 19th 1865. Thus Juneteenth, one of the nation’s most recently federally recognized holidays is celebrated yearly across the United States

Posted Jun 16, 2023

Hitting the Bullseye with Social Targeting

Kicking off a new campaign for your business on Facebook or Instagram? You’ll have several decisions to make, which can be a little intimidating at first. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the goal of my campaign?
  • Which kind(s) of ads should I run?
  • Which audience(s) should I target?

The last one is especially important. To launch a successful social media campaign, you must build your target audience(s) strategically. Keep reading to learn how!

Posted Jun 12, 2023

Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of Storytelling Through Film

In Sue Monk Kidd's novel "The Secret Life of Bees," she emphasizes the importance of storytelling, stating, "Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here." This quote resonates deeply because stories are the very foundation of our human existence. They shape our understanding, facilitate connection and provide entertainment and knowledge. Although there are various forms of storytelling, film is a uniquely expressive medium that can take us on an emotional, immersive journey. Here’s how to harness this power to your advantage. 


Posted Jun 8, 2023

Empower, Execute, Excel: Transforming Your Internal Marketing Team Into a Powerhouse

Building a high-performing internal marketing team is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your organization's success. To unleash their full potential, team members need clear expectations, well-defined processes and achievable goals. In this article, we present six essential tips to help you maximize productivity and achieve outstanding results from your internal marketing team.

Posted Jun 5, 2023

Mastering the Art of Managing Up: A Guide to Enhancing Your Value & Expanding Your Influence in the Workplace

Much has been written about making yourself more valuable in the workplace, but too often I’ve found the advice is incomplete: Get more skills and more certifications — then, get more responsibility. We tend to focus on the practical side of work, ignoring the emotional intelligence and soft skills required to truly excel. In today’s workplace, the best way to demonstrate your value as an amazing employee is to manage up.

“Managing up” is a working style in which you use empathy and strategic thinking to consciously enhance your manager’s work and add value. In short, it means going beyond your day-to-day work to interject additional value into the equation. This added value can produce a better relationship with your boss, a more productive working environment for everyone and better advancement opportunities for you. Who would say no to that?!

Posted May 18, 2023

Unveiling Oklahoma's Hidden Gems: VI'ers Share Their Favorite Destinations for National Travel and Tourism Week

Oklahoma, with its awe-inspiring natural beauty, boasts a diverse array of tourist destinations that will captivate any traveler's heart. From the pristine beauty of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to the eclectic and nostalgic attractions sprinkled along historic Route 66, like the Blue Whale of Catoosa, there's something for everyone to explore!
For National Travel and Tourism Week, we asked some of our favorite locals for their favorite destinations around the state. Keep reading to learn about some of VI's favorite spots in Oklahoma!

Posted May 10, 2023

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office Extends Partnership with VI Marketing and Branding

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (May 3, 2023) – VI Marketing and Branding (VI), a leading marketing agency headquartered in Oklahoma City, has been named the strategic media and creative agency for the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO). The incumbent agency won the business after its previous contract expired and will continue to provide its full range of marketing and communications services to promote safe driving and reduce the number of fatalities on Oklahoma roads.
VI has created a variety of successful campaigns for OHSO, including the Road Science campaign to encourage motorcycle safety and the Gameshow campaign which emphasizes road safety.

Posted May 8, 2023

From Whiteboard to TV Screen: Shapeshifter

Every year, Big Tobacco spends hundreds of millions of dollars marketing deadly products to Oklahomans in hopes of getting them hooked. No one is off limits to the lies, no matter their age, race, gender or socioeconomic class. Big Tobacco won’t stop until everyone is saddled with a lifetime of addiction. 
Those lies … just didn’t sit right with us. Thus, Shapeshifter was born.

Posted May 2, 2023

Tech-Powered Transformation: Harnessing Fintech Lessons for Modern Banking Success

In recent years, the financial industry has experienced rapid transformations, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer expectations. The aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis significantly impacted consumer trust in traditional financial institutions. In response, banks and credit unions shifted their focus towards enhancing the customer experience, seeking inspiration from the emerging world of Fintech or financial technology. As we step into the present, the relevance of Fintech's lessons remains stronger than ever. In this blog, we explore how traditional banks can harness the power of Fintech principles to stay competitive and deliver exceptional customer experiences in today's dynamic banking landscape.

Posted May 1, 2023

Senior Video Editor's Five-Day Adventure at SXSW: Twelve Films, One Experience

Recently, I attended the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. It’s one of the largest festivals of its kind, held each year in Austin, TX. What started out as a small music festival in the late ‘80s that attracted around 700 people has grown into a massive annual event with around 300,000 attendees each year. They host conferences on film, music, interactive technology and even comedy. If you’re a filmmaker, SXSW is probably already at the top of your list of places to submit your film.

Posted Apr 27, 2023