Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of Storytelling Through Film

Author: Andrea Johnston
Posted: Jun 8, 2023

In Sue Monk Kidd's novel "The Secret Life of Bees," she emphasizes the importance of storytelling, stating, "Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here." This quote resonates deeply because stories are the very foundation of our human existence. They shape our understanding, facilitate connection and provide entertainment and knowledge. Although there are various forms of storytelling, film is a uniquely expressive medium that can take us on an emotional, immersive journey. Here’s how to harness this power to your advantage. 


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Watching a story is often more emotionally moving than reading one… and not just because it’s a “motion” picture! This is largely because storytelling through film is multisensory. Not only is it easier for your audience to envision your story — but when you include the right music, sound effects and lighting at the right time, you provide emotional cues to your audience — and amplify the emotional impact. Just don’t overdo it!


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Videos have a remarkable ability to transcend barriers such as cultural differences, perspectives and life experiences. When we find ourselves experiencing the same emotions and sharing in the excitement, tension or anguish right along with the characters on screen, we begin to see ourselves in them — despite having different backgrounds. By touching our hearts and minds, films can ignite empathy, encourage introspection, inspire personal growth and remind us of our shared humanity.

Pro tip: Take the time to understand your audience(s), then develop characters and storylines that will resonate with them!  


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As a storyteller, you have the ability to shape public opinion and foster a more compassionate society by shedding light on important social issues. However, in a world that’s oversaturated with media, it’s essential to find innovative ways to cut through the static. After all, thoughtfully crafted narratives can only spark conversations, challenge social norms and inspire positive change if the right people see them.

That’s where a solid marketing strategy will come in clutch. Promote your video on your organic social channels, in your email newsletter or via YouTube ads, if budget allows. Also, infuse your video titles, descriptions and tags with the right SEO keywords to make them more discoverable!

Ready to create lasting change through the power of stories? Drop us a line to chat with a member of our full-service motion team or one of our savvy digital marketers!

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