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Let Fintech teach you about you

After the financial crisis in 2008, consumer trust in financial institutions took a hit. Banks and Credit Unions had to reevaluate and explore a new method of gaining trust. They turned their focus to the consumer experience, wondering how they could improve the mostly stagnant customer journey.

Posted Sep 20, 2017

Defending Your Marketing Budget in 5 Steps

Every marketing director faces the challenge of defending resources – whether it’s making the case to add in-house talent or justifying the need for more marketing dollars. When you’re being asked to do more with less, these are dreaded conversations.

Posted Jun 22, 2017

4 Ways Marketers Can Keep Up with Banking Trends

Long gone are the days of filling out a deposit slip at your local brick-and-mortar branch or meeting with your advisor in person to discuss your portfolio. As technology continues to evolve and consumer expectations for more personalized and efficient services grow, it’s crucial to keep up with trends, even in banking.

Posted Jun 8, 2017

7 Helpful Tips to Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry

I used to think a lot about becoming a rock star. But after years of not doing anything rock stars do to become rock stars, hence I am not one.

Posted Jun 6, 2017

5 Tips to Produce More from Your Internal Marketing Team

Identifying the right players for your internal marketing team can be a painstaking process, but it’s arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Even the best employees, however, need a clear understanding of your expectations, processes and goals to operate successfully.

Posted May 16, 2017

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Banks and Credit Unions

Consumers are starting, and sometimes completing, their research of financial products and services online. Online is the least committed place for consumers to start researching their options in what they feel is a non-biased platform that they can control.

Posted Mar 24, 2015

What Customers Want From Their Bank

Financial services marketing is slow to change. Consumer desires are not. That provides opportunity for financial institutions that can mentally separate the stifling government rules and regulations from their core offering. To be frank, to have more of a ‘can do’ than a ‘can’t do’ attitude.

Posted Feb 13, 2015

5 Ways Marketing Can Benefit Your Bank

We often hear that banking is “a relationship business.” Commercial banking, in particular, relies heavily on your bank’s experience and word of mouth. 

Posted Feb 3, 2015

Don’t be afraid to be cool.

Here’s a question- what has your bank done for you lately? Keeps your balance correct? Makes sure to deduct your car payment on time don’t they? Got a really cool debit card design…. Satisfied? Now that I bring it up, you’re probably not.

Posted Jun 25, 2013

Businesses on Facebook: What's Not to Like?

For me, Facebook is a way to make personal connections. To stay in touch with old friends, make new friends, to be entertained, amused and interact intimately on emotional levels. For this and other reasons, I don't "like" many businesses on Facebook. The ones I do like are smaller, independent companies whose products or services I want to keep tabs on, and those that tend to have more to gain than loss by injecting a little personality into their posts.

Posted Jun 18, 2013

Banks Need To Consider Social Marketing To Reach The Unbanked

=Unbanked. Until this week, I hadn’t heard the term. It seems Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of unbanked and underbanked citizens in the country.

Posted Jun 9, 2013