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Audit Your Brand’s Ecommerce Buying Experience with These Five Must-Haves

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to a predictable uptick in consumer online spending. In an October 2020 study from eMarketer, retail Ecommerce sales in the United States increased by over 32% year-over-year (2019 to 2020).

5 Digital Design Tips to Remember in 2020

As we enter 2020 and the digital landscape continues to evolve, so must marketers’ understanding of available mediums. How we use digital tactics to motivate consumers should be influenced by the context in which our messages appear.

Posted Jan 16, 2020

3 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Photography

Why are you here? What exactly led you to this tiny speck in the vastness of the internet? Something about this blog post must have piqued your interest somewhere along the way, even if you’re not quite sure what it was. Figuring out what exactly draws people in is a difficult proposition. A lot can, and does, go into finding the answer, but for now I’ll just talk about one of the most important aspects of your blog: the photo. Photos can add a huge boost to your blog post’s performance and images within a post will help keep your readers engaged to the end. Blogs posts with photos also tend to do much better across all social media platforms. Of course, it’s not just about slapping any old photo on your post and calling it a day, so here are a few tips for getting the most out of your blog photos.

Posted Sep 29, 2016

Matching Your Website's Digital Design with Functionality

Web design has drastically changed over the past two decades. It is ever-evolving with new options for functionality to choose from. With hundreds of options available it is easy to get carried away with all the new and cool toys out there in digital design.

Posted Dec 7, 2015

Four Email Design Trends That Will Engage Your Readers Instead of Putting Them to Sleep

For the record, I HATE EMAILS. Email campaigns are even worse. They’re boring. Stuck in the past. Nothing has really changed. They use old technology. They play by old rules.

Posted Jun 24, 2015

Power to the User

It’s a fact – the types of devices accessing the Internet are constantly growing. It’s empowering for the user, but it puts a strain on developers and designers. 

Posted Nov 22, 2014