5 Digital Design Tips to Remember in 2020

Posted: Jan 16, 2020

Topics: Digital Design

As we enter 2020 and the digital landscape continues to evolve, so must marketers’ understanding of available mediums. How we use digital tactics to motivate consumers should be influenced by the context in which our messages appear. Follow these simple but important reminders when executing your digital creative this year. 

Digital design cannot be effective without an appreciation for the strengths and limitations of each medium.


Let’s review a few guidelines to keep in mind when planning for digital advertising:

  1. Consider what will get your target’s attention and motivate them to click. Is it a product’s feature? Is it a fact? Is it a familiar look and feel from the brand that they will quickly connect with?

  2. Consider using the look, feel and language of your brand's website so the user experience feels seamless when they move from the ad to your site.

  3. Add a call to action (CTA) that is undeniably clear. This seems obvious but it’s often the obvious that is overlooked because of language or design choices. Make your CTA apparent and make it active. “Read More.” “Learn More.” “Order Now…” Be careful to make sure the context of your CTA is strong and motivating. In 2020, you don't want to seem clickbait-y. Make it personal and thoughtful, when possible. 

  4. Good design matters. Good copy also matters. In 2020, we're in content overload. You are vying for attention on busy websites, so keep the design engaging but the message simple and clear.

  5. Monitor and test. Don’t be afraid to test one design, one color, or even one message against another to see which performs better. Even ad sizes can be tested. We can't always predict human behavior but good data knows best!

If you understand where your audience will see and interact with your message, and allow that to guide your design, you can get more out of every digital ad placement.

Read the next blog here to learn more about how we're buying digital ad space programmatically in the new decade. 

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