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5 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Marketing

Trust – It’s a critical factor when it comes to healthcare. You want to know you’re getting the very best information and that it’s coming from an expert. In the past, you would find your healthcare provider through word-of-mouth or you would hear about healthcare issues on the evening news. In the age of the internet, a person has access to research, customer reviews, facility tours and even interaction with the healthcare community from the comfort of their couch. So how can you ensure that you’re positioning your brand as an expert and building trust with your current and new clientele? Here are 5 ways to improve the way you market your healthcare brand.

Posted Mar 29, 2019

How to Gather Personal Data in Healthcare Marketing

No where else have consumers become more accustomed to a customized experience than in healthcare. Each of us carries a unique medical history and physical makeup, so we don’t expect a one-size-fits-all approach.

Posted Jun 29, 2018

Thanks to Technology and Data, Out-of-Home Advertising Continues to Thrive

While TV and print budgets continue to decrease year after year, out-of-home budgets continue to grow with an estimated $29 billion for global out-of-home ad revenue in 2017. It’s projected to reach $33 billion by 2021, reported by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and MAGNA Intelligence Study. So how is it that the oldest form of advertising is still growing year after year? The answer is technology and data.

Posted Jan 11, 2018

Increase Your Share of Wallet with the 2016 Healthcare Consumer

Shopping for healthcare can be a scary experience for patients, and for many, they are entrusting their lives to surgeons and other healthcare professionals. For this reason, healthcare organizations often have difficulty knowing the best ways to connect with potential patients, especially because HIPPA regulations must also be adhered to.

Posted Sep 7, 2016

A Good Public Health Marketing Strategy is Hard Work

What did you wake up thinking about this morning? Your busy day? Plans for this weekend? Your mother’s birthday gift? Whatever it was, it almost assuredly wasn’t the Zika virus, immunizations, or second-hand smoke.

Posted Apr 8, 2016

Healthcare Marketing: More Important than Ever

In the early part of my career, healthcare marketing was dominated by hospitals. There was always discussion about whether or not to concentrate on this industry as an advertising agency. Hospitals tended to market in multi-year spurts. Then, there would be a common belief in healthcare that doctors are what drive patients to specific hospitals, so it was useless to advertise. It could be very lucrative to be an expert healthcare marketer, and then the money would disappear. Today, 9.9% of total ad expenditures in the United States are related to healthcare, driven by big pharma.

Posted Sep 15, 2015

Health and Technology

As you probably already know VI has numerous clients in healthcare and public health. That said, we are always so pleased when healthcare gets mainstream attention. A couple of weeks ago Las Vegas hosted the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. There, they deemed this the year of the wearables. A great number of the wearables are geared to the fitness market.

Posted Jan 31, 2014

Resolution Solution

Are we a make 'em and break 'em kind of society? According to research, the answer is yes. On average, 40% of Americans will make New Year's resolutions while only 8% will actually follow through and achieve their goals. 

Posted Dec 20, 2013

Doc Blogger Driving National Healthcare Conversation From Broadway Extension

They know Dr. Keith Smith on Capitol Hill. They know him in Canada and in Blue Cross boardrooms around the country, too.

Posted Jun 8, 2013