Doc Blogger Driving National Healthcare Conversation From Broadway Extension

Author: Larry McAlister
Posted: Jun 8, 2013

They know Dr. Keith Smith on Capitol Hill. They know him in Canada and in Blue Cross boardrooms around the country, too.

VI didn’t give Dr. Smith his voice, it gave him is instrument.


What Dr. Keith Smith has done at his Surgery Center of Oklahoma is in the process of revolutionizing the way patients pay for care in America. What he and his team did was post prices for all their surgical procedures online.

That’s right. Rotator Cuff repair - $6,260; ACL - $6,990. That’s the cost and that’s what you pay. Try to get that price out of a (non-profit) hospital and see how far you get. Adding insurance companies and procedures cost up to 10 times more. According to Dr. Smith, who blogs regularly about this, it’s an insurance-hospital scam that has driven the price of healthcare in this country to astronomical levels.


Enter Obamacare, and Dr. Smith’s pulpit began to reach thousands if not more. He regularly blogs about the free-market system and how it can apply to healthcare, as opposed to the now “broken” system.


VI social media whiz kid Casey Cornett took Dr. Smith’s blog international and with a little PR help and some stroke in DC, Dr. Smith and his Surgery Center of Oklahoma was out front in the healthcare debate.


Smith has addressed Congress in DC multiple times, he has appeared on national cable and radio talk shows, and online pubs regularly. His center, and free-market pricing system helped pioneer medical tourism and patients from all over the country and Canada can have procedures at SCO for less expensive than healthcare allows, including travel expenses.


Dr. Smith had a strong voice that needed to be heard. Social media provided the instrument for his dialogue to go viral. You may just pay less for healthcare in the future because of it.

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