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Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018

Posted by Harold Storey on Dec 21, 2017

Social media can be a game of cat and mouse. Just when we think we have a particular demographic pegged, something new comes along and changes the game. Determining your purpose behind using social in your overall marketing strategy can come down to a couple of questions. 

Linkedin racing on track.jpg

LinkedIn Advertising Starts Next Chapter with Matched Audiences

Posted by Casey Cornett on May 26, 2017

LinkedIn makes headlines in the marketing world for their advertising capabilities about as often as often as Kevin Durant misses a free throw (seldom). But, in the past month, LinkedIn packed their bags and headed toward an easier path to success (also like Kevin Durant).


Turning Social Media Trends into Results

Posted by Alex Taylor on Apr 24, 2017

As we all know, the landscape of the social media world is ever-evolving. One minute you’re the trendiest app on the market, and next minute you’re Vine Camera (R.I.P. Vine). That being said, it’s important to understand what’s trending, and how to best leverage the platforms available to you by using sound strategy.

Facebook Organic vs. Paid - An Argument for Both

Posted by Harold Storey on Apr 14, 2017

1.23 billion. When you think of a number that large, it’s usually in reference to money, isn’t it? In this case, 1.23 billion is the number of daily active users Facebook reported as checking in at least once a day, as of December 2016.

Truly Meeting Customers Where They Demand It - Social Media

Posted by Channing Sizemore on Jan 19, 2017

Hi, I’m a millennial, I’m multitasking and I’d rather you not call me. I don’t like it. I have a quiet voice so you will inevitably ask me to repeat myself… especially my name.


Winner of 2016's Political Advertising Spend? Digital Media.

Posted by Christopher Sommer on Nov 7, 2016

If you’re like most of America, November 8th can’t get here fast enough. With the nearly 3 years of political campaigning, news coverage and forwarded emails from my grandmother, I have a special bottle of bubbly to celebrate the end of the current round of elections.

Reaching Millennials Through Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Posted by Gentry McKeown on Sep 22, 2016

Snapchat has taken the (marketing) world by storm these past 12 months as more and more users jump on board.

Use Video Re-Engager to Retarget Facebook Users in Custom Audiences

Posted by Casey Cornett on Sep 15, 2016

Video, what a great marketing tool in the belt  taking your product or service and fully displaying it to the world. You make this beautiful visual, you put it in front of an audience that will hopefully care, then sit back and watch the phone ring.

How to Make Snapchat Work for your Business

Posted by Alex Taylor on Jul 12, 2016

From self-destructing message platform to full-fledged social powerhouse, Snapchat has proven that it’s here to stay.

Facebook’s Unaddressed Google Analytics Problem

Posted by Casey Cornett on Jun 9, 2016

Facebook tells you that you sent 691 people to your website from Facebook this month! Congratulations! Go to Google Analytics (GA) to see what those visitors did and you’ll get a completely different answer – one that is much lower - so low that it wouldn’t be unusual for GA to only attribute 25-40% of the traffic to social.