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Use Video Re-Engager to Retarget Facebook Users in Custom Audiences

Video, what a great marketing tool in the belt  taking your product or service and fully displaying it to the world. You make this beautiful visual, you put it in front of an audience that will hopefully care, then sit back and watch the phone ring.

Posted Sep 15, 2016

How to Make Snapchat Work for your Business

From self-destructing message platform to full-fledged social powerhouse, Snapchat has proven that it’s here to stay.

Posted Jul 12, 2016

Facebook’s Unaddressed Google Analytics Problem

Facebook tells you that you sent 691 people to your website from Facebook this month! Congratulations! Go to Google Analytics (GA) to see what those visitors did and you’ll get a completely different answer – one that is much lower - so low that it wouldn’t be unusual for GA to only attribute 25-40% of the traffic to social.

Posted Jun 9, 2016

A Simple Facebook Trick You Should Start Using Today

We’ve all been there. We’re browsing Facebook on our smart phone to kill time and we come across an intriguing cat video. Our internal dialogue usually sounds something like this:

Posted May 31, 2016

Content Strategy - What Motivates Your Audience?

Content strategy is ever-evolving. With each piece, marketers learn something new about their target and what motivates them.

Posted May 17, 2016

Social Media's Influence on Politics - It Just Makes Sense

You’re probably tired of opening your Facebook and seeing another post about Donald Trump. Yup, there’s another video of Hillary giving a speech and Bernie Sanders is doing the pointy thing with his hands. Welcome to the quagmire that is politics embracing the world of social media.

Posted Apr 27, 2016

B2Bs Need Linkedin, and Here's Why

If you haven’t already incorporated LinkedIn to your 2016 social media strategy, you must, and there is still time. These benefits will have you wondering why you have waited so long.

Posted Mar 11, 2016

Your Facebook Audience Just Got More Emotional

Facebook developers need a vacation.

Posted Mar 10, 2016

Is Your Social Campaign Ready to Publish?

It’s 2016. By now you know the importance and impact of an integrated social media strategy. You’ve secured a social media advertising budget and you are ready to push the big red go button on a campaign. But, before you promote your beautiful graphics or videos, do you know why you’re launching this campaign in the first place? Do you know why you’ve chosen a particular social media platform to advertise on over another? Are you even sure you can call it a “social” campaign?

Posted Jan 18, 2016

The Instagram Ads Are Here and Hipsters Won't Cheer

First comes the fear.

Earlier this summer Instagram announced they would open up their ad platform for all businesses that yearn to get a perfect visual of that thing you don’t need in front of you – slowing down your scroll speed in seeing your bestie’s brunch from a 5-star yelp establishment.

Posted Jan 7, 2016

Brands: Stop Doing These 6 Annoying Things on Social Media

Get off my lawn! No, but seriously. It’s easy to release my inner curmudgeon these days with all the various social media platforms I download my physical body into and go to work.

Posted Nov 12, 2015