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Author: Samantha Turner
Posted: May 18, 2018

Topics: Social Media

Social media platforms may seem similar in many ways, but they don't provide the same value for every consumer or brand.

Before initiating a social media campaign, a brand should understand their voice and what position they hold in the market place and consumer's mind. On average, your audience will see 10,000 brand messages every day. Brands should understand at each one of these intersections they are reinforcing their brand promise, no matter the platform. Consider the following when determining where to have a social presence.


1. Facebook
Primary audience: Women, Ages 18-29

Want to dive deep into what Facebook can tell you about your target audience? Facebook offers the most robust analytical insights, and has one of the top data analysis tools available for social platforms. Recent highly publicized algorithm and data updates will create a challenge for marketers (more on that soon).

2. Instagram
Primary audience: Women, Ages 18-29

Instagram has established itself among the younger generation looking to reflect a certain persona to their followers. Brands can take advantage of this by showcasing company culture or how users can aspire to have a certain lifestyle by being associated with your brand. Instagram stories have assisted in increasing heavy influencer marketing content through video blogs via accounts.

3. Twitter
Primary Audience: Men and Women, Ages 18-29

The platform is driven by timely, relevant content. Research indicates that most Twitter users are highly likely to engage with off-platform content, such as news articles. Because of this, it is best utilized to distribute timely content, but to also engage in one-on-one conversations with your target around these topics. Additionally, with the recent character count increase, brands have even more space to tell their stories. 

4. LinkedIn
Primary Audience: Men, Ages 18-49

LinkedIn is the king of the Business to Business world. The platform allows for brands to position themselves as industry thought leaders among target audiences and potential employees. LinkedIn will allow your brand to have a professional presence and build trust while displaying your business objectives with your audience. LinkedIn can have a more professional tone at times, so if your brand doesn't fit into this box, you might not find value in optimizing your messages on this platform.

5. Pintrest
Primary Audience: Women, Ages 18-29

Pinterest is excellent for maximizing your message within specific categories. It includes a very long list of keyword searches a brand can utilize to place ads. If you know your audience from their behaviors to their interests, then it is best to consider placing ads on Pinterest.

6. SnapchatPrimary Audience: Men and Women, Ages 13-24

Snapchat is best to use if your brand has a younger target audience. Also, using Snapchat's geo-targeting capability to target specific locations with your brand's filter is highly beneficial to get your brand directly in front of your viewers. Plus, they can share and spread your message without even really thinking about it.

Altogether, these social media platforms can help influence your brand strategy in many different ways. However, optimizing across these platforms starts with

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