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Content Writing in a Cookie-less World

Here’s the thing about the good old days: you never miss them until they’re gone. In the world of digital advertising, we’re the living exception. Because today, we can still track users across the web to deliver relevant ads to targeted audiences. But the hand is ticking toward midnight. And the good old days are almost gone.

Posted Jun 2, 2021

Customer Loyalty: Start By Leveraging Your Owned Content

Is your brand’s owned content turning customers into loyalists? It can, it should, and we can help.

Posted Apr 20, 2020

Don't Leave Your Audience Guessing: Now is a Time for Bold, Clear Brand Messaging

We are living in a very strange time. People are functioning the best that they can in the comfort we call ‘home’. My situation is no different.

Posted Mar 30, 2020

Call to Action Examples to Use Throughout Your Marketing Strategy

A call to action (CTA) is crucial in pulling users down the funnel toward a conversion. CTAs often take the form of big, flashy buttons on campaign landing pages, urging users to submit a form or take advantage of an offer.

Posted Nov 10, 2017

How Do I Utilize My Marketing Budget?

Many organizations find it difficult to set a marketing budget. It’s hard to know just how much you’ll need for a year’s worth of marketing efforts, especially if you’re new to the position or organization. But beyond the total amount, it’s harder still to breakdown your budget by tactics. Where do you start?

Posted Oct 4, 2017

The Advantages of Developing a Content Marketing Plan

The marketing industry has certainly seen the benefits of content marketing — higher consumer engagement, lower costs, more leads. But while many marketers scramble to create content in an attempt to shout through the noise of a saturated digital space, even fewer have put in the time and research to first craft a an effective strategy.

Posted Jul 6, 2017

Content Strategy - What Motivates Your Audience?

Content strategy is ever-evolving. With each piece, marketers learn something new about their target and what motivates them.

Posted May 17, 2016

Where Does Native Advertising Fit into Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing today relies heavily on the production of content. With tactics such as social media or digital video it’s ever important to have as much content as possible to keep your brand enthusiasts coming back for more.

Posted Apr 15, 2016

Brands: 7 Email Rules the FTC Needs You to Know

It’s easy to understand why content marketing is a hot topic lately. Few marketing strategies help brands demonstrate knowledge and expertise more clearly than crafting original content your readers find valuable. And with as much time as people spend in front of their email inbox today, email almost always makes sense as a vehicle to deliver that content. However, before you launch an electronic newsletter or other email marketing effort, you should be familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Posted Nov 25, 2015

Stats and Tips on the Influence of Blogging for Your Business

It’s a big, big, blog world out there folks. And if you, your company, or both are not actively in the blogosphere, stop doing what you're doing right now – and get your blog on.

Posted Sep 14, 2015

Connect with Your Customers Through Powerful Storytelling

Once upon a time, not so long ago, companies marketed their goods and services by jumping on their soapbox to convince people why they needed to buy from them. “We’re bigger!” “We’re better!” “We have the latest and greatest!” Those companies that could shout the loudest or the longest were usually the winners.

Posted Jul 16, 2015

Content Marketing: Six Steps to Developing a Strategy

You’ve decided to build your dream house. You know there are a ton of details in building a house, but in your excitement you find a contractor and tell him to “start building and we’ll figure it out as we go along…” Realistic? Definitely not. You’d probably first hire an architect to draw up blueprints to help guide the process. Otherwise who knows what you’ll end up with!

Posted Jun 26, 2015