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Tips Your Business Needs to Join the Community You Serve

Posted by Hayley Cacioppo on Jul 1, 2015

These days’ consumers are interested in how companies interact with the world around them. They wonder if brands truly deliver on the promises that they make or if, maybe, just maybe, those words are just words.

Gold Level Opportunity

Posted by Tim Berney on Apr 6, 2009

During the last economic downturn, marketers turned to event sponsorships to deliver their messages to narrowly targeted demographics and psychographic consumers: Birds of a feather flock together. But this time around, sponsorships seem to have fallen out of favor. So, what changed?

Sponsorships: You'll Get Out of it What You Put into it

Posted by Tim Berney on Jul 16, 2008

Last November, we wrote about the common marketing mistake of accepting a sponsorship package ‘as is’ without customizing it to complement your marketing strategy. As event sponsorships continue to grow in popularity, we are compelled to reiterate some points.

Sponsorships are Greatly Misunderstood

Posted by Tim Berney on Nov 6, 2007

For most organizations, sponsoring an event means little more than making a donation. A non-profit organization brings in a speaker, has an exhibit, or holds a golf tournament and sends out gold, silver, and bronze sponsorship ‘opportunities’ that are no more than