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Types of Testimonial Videos — And When to Use Them

Posted by Matt Lowery on Nov 9, 2017

Testimonial videos are best utilized when the viewer will likely be moved to action by hearing from a person that he or she considers a peer or a role model (the sentiment being either “I am like that person, so I should behave as he does” or “I want to be like that person, so I should do what she does.”) Testimonials have been utilized as a marketing tactic for many decades for one simple reason: They work. There are many ways to execute a testimonial video; here are two of my favorites.

The Growing Necessity for Cross-Platform Video Measurement

Posted by Caroline Rugeley on Jun 28, 2017

Our media landscape is becoming more fragmented by the day. Audiences are consuming media (especially video content) across multiple platforms, often at the same time. These changing media habits really underline the question of how can we measure TV and digital video viewing, and then compare it on an apples-to-apples level?


Marketing Video Trends for 2017 – Hint: Let's Get Vertical

Posted by Bob Lausten on Mar 27, 2017

Lunar marketing — brands in space. It’s inevitable. Maybe not in 2017. But 2018 seems more promising, right Elon? Until then, we can only focus on the marketing trends happening now… and in the nearer future.


The Priority of Filmmaking - Storytelling Through Equipment

Posted by Beau Leland on Jul 29, 2016

Learning the craft of filmmaking is an ongoing process. It encompasses many different disciplines ranging from organizational skills, writing, camera, sound, editing, production design and many more. So which one is most important, and how does one teach filmmaking to a group of sixteen high school students over the course of two short weeks?

3 Must Know Observations for Your Mobile Video Strategy

Posted by Matt Lowery on Mar 29, 2016

You’ve probably heard this already, but it bears repeating: The amount of time we spend as a nation each day engaging with digital video is increasing every year.

7 Ways Green Screens Offer Best Possible Production Value

Posted by Robbie Repola on Nov 20, 2015

In the past, green screens have been associated primarily with big name movie studios with high budget productions or perhaps your local weatherman. But in the wise words of Bob Dylan, the times, they are a changing!

Is Your Smartphone Acceptable for Creating a Business Video?

Posted by Robbie Repola on Sep 16, 2015

5 years ago, we started hearing this from our clients; “Can’t we just shoot it on a smartphone?” Pause, shudder. Sometimes they were joking. Most times they were serious. The smart phone was producing a genuine misconception: it was being considered for situations that needed a powerful cinematic expression, a much better camera.

How to Harness Interactive Live Broadcasting to Grow Your Business Via Social Media

Posted by Casey Cornett on May 8, 2015

It’s 10:00pm and you turn the TV on to your favorite local news station. You’ve seen these faces so many times you feel like they’re talking directly to you – and not the millions of others tuning in. However, today is different.

Turning the Tables on Big Tobacco

Posted by Steve Sturges on Jan 15, 2015

“I have not been involved and cannot imagine being involved in anything with greater import than the tobacco litigation.” This thought, articulated by former Attorney General of Oklahoma Drew Edmondson, sums up the experience of those involved with some of the proudest chain of decisions in Oklahoma history.

The making of the 2013 OU Football Intro Video (Behind-the-Scenes)

Posted by Casey Cornett on Sep 6, 2013

For the 14th straight year, VI Marketing and Branding took the reigns in bringing goosebumps to 85,000+ in Gaylord Memorial Stadium, beginning each home game with the now famous OU Football Intro Video aptly named "There's Only 1 Oklahoma".