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Content Marketing and Supporting the Sales Funnel

Posted by Avery Oden on Jan 11, 2018

If you’re reading this blog on a web browser in the US, there is a 30%* chance that you’re using an adblocker right now (roughly twice as likely as in 2014*). It’s pretty clear that internet users aren’t fond of spammy advertising on the internet.

The VIth Sense: Here’s Why Creative Marketing is King

Posted by Tim Berney on Jul 2, 2015

The Burger King is so cool, he’s probably getting a big head. In the past few months, he’s been part of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage, and also landed a seat in Bob Baffert’s (American Pharoah’s trainer) box at the Belmont. That’s some serious publicity for the pop culture icon that’s more than just a mascot for the fast-food chain.

What Is the Difference Between Sponsored Content and Native Advertising?

Posted by Shannon Porter on Mar 30, 2015

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “Content is king.” In fact, it was Bill Gates, way back in 1996, who first stated that fact in an article he wrote of the same name. Now almost twenty years later, we can see that Bill Gates’ prophecy has indeed come true.

2014: The Year of Moment Marketing

Posted by Alice Zarka on Mar 26, 2014

We have all heard 2014 dubbed the “year of content” in the marketing world, but many sources are projecting that marketers will master a new trend this year: Moment Marketing. Moment Marketing a.k.a. Adaptive Marketing is a term used to encompass any sort of communication or marketing efforts that drive engagement with consumers on up-to-the-minute topics. This year, expect many brands to incorporate current events into their marketing - and specifically social media - strategy.

Oh behave.

Posted by Bob Lausten on Jun 12, 2013

I like my showers how I like my women. Long-lasting and piping hot. Once I step inside the warmth of the shower, it’s hard to step out. The relaxing water makes me want to stay there forever. So most times I do. Well, for like 15 minutes. When the water turns lukewarm, that’s when I shampoo.

Best behind-the-scenes at the Puppy Bowl

Posted by Tim Berney on Feb 4, 2013

Via BuzzFeed

1. EVERYTHING in this video.

2. Puppies arriving backstage.

Networking: Great or Grim?

Posted by Allison Abbott on Oct 25, 2010

As a people person I have always enjoyed networking. As a Marketing professional it is essential to my job.

Entering the New Marketing Frontier

Posted by Tim Berney on Nov 30, 2007

It can be a little intimidating to venture out into the new marketing frontier, especially with so many options to choose from and the arduous task of separating the hype from the fact.