Entering the New Marketing Frontier

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Nov 30, 2007

It can be a little intimidating to venture out into the new marketing frontier, especially with so many options to choose from and the arduous task of separating the hype from the fact.


The one truth that continues to be evident is that viewing, listening and reading habits have changed, and your target audience might not be as easy to find this year as in previous years. This means you might need a completely new strategy to find your potential customers.

At VI, we don't talk about new media anymore. But, we talk plenty about new marketing. The fact of the matter is that traditional media buys don't provide a complete marketing package, no matter how large your media budget. We have cracked the code, so to speak, on developing marketing programs that place our clients' messages within media content- creating a HUGE advantage over their competitors. We call it Collision Marketing™. The success that we're having with this exclusive concept is truly remarkable.

We can help you make your way through the new marketing frontier, while avoiding costly pitfalls.

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