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Mastering DreamStudio: Four Unique Ways to Harness the Creative Potential of AI

If it feels like the world of technology is evolving at the speed of a sci-fi novel, you aren’t wrong. As a designer and artist, I view generative AI as both a tool with limitless potential and an intimidating shakeup for the creative world. As with any major historical shift, adapting to the current is imperative.

I’ve explored a multitude of methods and programs, but in this post I’ll focus on the one I use most, DreamStudio, a user interface (UI) created by to house their model called Stable Diffusion. It’s incredibly simple to use, and you don’t need any new software or coding knowledge to play around with it. Today, I’ll be showcasing four different ways I use it at work. But first, let’s go over some basic terminology!

Posted Jun 28, 2023

Senior Video Editor's Five-Day Adventure at SXSW: Twelve Films, One Experience

Recently, I attended the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. It’s one of the largest festivals of its kind, held each year in Austin, TX. What started out as a small music festival in the late ‘80s that attracted around 700 people has grown into a massive annual event with around 300,000 attendees each year. They host conferences on film, music, interactive technology and even comedy. If you’re a filmmaker, SXSW is probably already at the top of your list of places to submit your film.

Posted Apr 27, 2023

VI Celebrates World Art Day

As marketing professionals, we understand the power of creativity in capturing attention, engaging audiences, and driving brand success. From stunning visuals to thought-provoking messaging, art plays a crucial role in shaping the look and feel of brand campaigns.

Posted Apr 14, 2023

You & Me by VI Creative Director, Erin Robinson

VI is so proud to announce that Erin Robinson, local artist, and VI Creative Director, is creating change in our community with a collaborative, free art show, You & Me: The Art of Grief and Joy After Loss.

Posted Oct 14, 2021

Quartz Mountain Lodge: Building a Visual Identity From the Ground Up

At its foundation, every visual branding system is an expression. It can represent the story, the industry or the values of a company. As a designer, my goal is to develop a well-crafted logo (in the business, we call it a "mark") alongside a complimentary branding system. I work to achieve this goal with each branding project. And with each one, I develop new distinctive marks with adaptable branding systems at their center.

Posted Sep 13, 2021

Happy World Art Day from VI Marketing and Branding!

Art nurtures creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for people across the globe and plays an important role in sharing knowledge, encouraging curiosity and igniting dialogue. In celebration of World Art Day, we're excited to feature the collaborative artwork of two VI creative team members, Copywriter, Anna Kinder and Art Director, Jeff Bowman

Posted Apr 14, 2021

Keeping Creativity High In A Remote Workspace

The name of the game is adaptability. With each day the landscape of how we interact with each other shifts; and like the intuitive people we are, we’ve taken it in stride. With the right resources and determination, the office space is merely a construct that is only limited by one’s imagination. With the use of technology, people can interact from wherever they may be. It can be as simple as a chat group, or a more personal video chat. Distance is no longer a limitation when it comes to meeting face-to-face (resolution quality may vary).

With so many digital tools available to us, the remaining challenge is to iron out those interactions that don’t flow as well when not everyone is physically in the same location. Specifically, when it comes to creative collaboration, it can take some acclimation. Here are some methods to replace a face-to-face interaction with a virtual counterpart. Here's your checklist for staying creative at work. At home. 

Posted Jan 12, 2021

Harnessing Creativity During Times of Solitude

Collaboration is one of the keys to creativity; however, solitude can also be a powerful creative force if you harness it. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be bored or lonely. If anything, it makes it easier to be insanely focused on your passion or craft. It allows you to shut out the world and stay in the present moment, embracing the many emotions that arise when we create — both negative and positive.

Posted Apr 17, 2020

Data and Creativity: A Symbiotic Relationship

In an age where algorithms have replaced editors and digital dweebs overrule creative crackpots, there’s a misconception that data is dulling ideas and pigeonholing creative possibilities.

However, that’s far from the truth, especially in the marketing world.

Data isn’t killing creativity. It’s strengthening it… and vice versa.

3 Ways Data Strengthens Creativity:

1. Data proves us wrong.
When brainstorming ideas for creative campaigns, we often default to our own intuitions to empathize with audiences. We get blinded by our own experiences and tend to exaggerate their relevance. This is problematic, because we’re often wrong about how the world works. Data tells us things we don’t know.

Posted Sep 28, 2018

The Tangled Web of Net Neutrality

In December of 2017, FCC commissioners, led by chairman Ajit Pai, voted to dismantle net neutrality regulations. In the wake of that decision, Mr. Pai was dubbed "the most hated man on the internet" - so hated that earlier this year, death threats forced him to cancel his appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show. It wasn't the first time.

Posted Apr 10, 2018

The Puppy Bowl Was the Best Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday

Genius. Riveting. Pure ‘Merica. Those are adjectives used to describe the spectacle I watched on Super Bowl Sunday. There were touchdowns, shameless commercials and some edge-of-your-seat, heart-wrenching stories. I am talking, of course, about Puppy Bowl XIII: Team Ruff vs Team Fluff.

Posted Feb 9, 2017

Super Bowl Halftime Show Review: What Pepsi Did Made Zero Sense

I’ve always wondered why Pepsi continually sponsors the Super Bowl Halftime show. Admittedly, I’m usually switching over to the Puppy Bowl to see if the littlest button-cute critter can rumble to a TD and into our collective hearts. 


Posted Feb 6, 2017