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Harnessing Creativity During Times of Solitude

Collaboration is one of the keys to creativity; however, solitude can also be a powerful creative force if you harness it. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be bored or lonely. If anything, it makes it easier to be insanely focused on your passion or craft. It allows you to shut out the world and stay in the present moment, embracing the many emotions that arise when we create — both negative and positive.

Posted Apr 17, 2020

Data and Creativity: A Symbiotic Relationship

In an age where algorithms have replaced editors and digital dweebs overrule creative crackpots, there’s a misconception that data is dulling ideas and pigeonholing creative possibilities.

However, that’s far from the truth, especially in the marketing world.

Data isn’t killing creativity. It’s strengthening it… and vice versa.

3 Ways Data Strengthens Creativity:

1. Data proves us wrong.
When brainstorming ideas for creative campaigns, we often default to our own intuitions to empathize with audiences. We get blinded by our own experiences and tend to exaggerate their relevance. This is problematic, because we’re often wrong about how the world works. Data tells us things we don’t know.

Posted Sep 28, 2018

The Tangled Web of Net Neutrality

In December of 2017, FCC commissioners, led by chairman Ajit Pai, voted to dismantle net neutrality regulations. In the wake of that decision, Mr. Pai was dubbed "the most hated man on the internet" - so hated that earlier this year, death threats forced him to cancel his appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show. It wasn't the first time.

Posted Apr 10, 2018

The Puppy Bowl Was the Best Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday

Genius. Riveting. Pure ‘Merica. Those are adjectives used to describe the spectacle I watched on Super Bowl Sunday. There were touchdowns, shameless commercials and some edge-of-your-seat, heart-wrenching stories. I am talking, of course, about Puppy Bowl XIII: Team Ruff vs Team Fluff.

Posted Feb 9, 2017

Super Bowl Halftime Show Review: What Pepsi Did Made Zero Sense

I’ve always wondered why Pepsi continually sponsors the Super Bowl Halftime show. Admittedly, I’m usually switching over to the Puppy Bowl to see if the littlest button-cute critter can rumble to a TD and into our collective hearts. 


Posted Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl Commercial Review: 84 Lumber's "The Journey"

Fox’s advertising guidelines state that the network does not allow advertisers to use airtime to address controversial issues. That guideline was apparently moot during last night’s game. Political undertones were ubiquitous during commercial breaks, with ads focusing on women’s rights, diversity, the environment and immigration.

Posted Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl Commercial Review: Snickers' "A Live Super Bowl Commercial"

Snickers is the best-selling candy bar on planet Earth. So it's fitting that parent company Mars cooked up a Super Bowl campaign of interplanetary proportions for its mega-selling glob of chocolate gluttony.

Posted Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl Commercial Review: GoDaddy's "The Internet Wants You"

It seems this year’s Super Bowl commercials fell into one of two categories: politically driven or just plain dumb. Ads like Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way” and 84 Lumber’s “Complete the Journey” hit hard on immigration. Audi focused on their commitment to equal pay for women. And Airbnb reflected on their commitment to accepting everybody, no matter your race, nationality or religion.

Posted Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl Commercial Review: KFC's “Colonel vs. Colonel”

Yesterday, KFC aired their first-ever Super Bowl ad. In honor of the occasion, they had two colonels on hand (Billy Zane and Rob Riggle) to help spread the word about their new Georgia Gold chicken. Zane was introduced as KFC’s newest colonel in late January, just weeks before the Super Bowl. If you’re like most people, you didn’t recognize Zane, as his entire body was covered in gold. But even without the paint, you still might not recognize him. (He was the bad guy on the Titanic.)

Posted Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl Commercial Review: Wendy’s "Cold Storage"

Wendy’s made its first Super Bowl buy since 1984's
"Where's the Beef?", and you never knew you didn’t care so much about fresh beef. Frankly, I feel personally attacked for having frozen hamburger patties in my freezer and not hating it. We’re monsters, America! These ground-up cows deserve better.

Posted Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl Commercial Review: Budweiser's "Born the Hard Way"

Perseverance, strength, determination and passion are all part of the American Dream, right? A dream that just about everyone in the world can connect with regardless of where they live. That dream is portrayed in Budweiser’s most recent Super Bowl ad, “Born the Hard Way,” which tells the story of founder Adolphus Busch and his journey to America from Germany. The ad artfully portrays the trials a young Busch may have overcome, from fiery ships to unwelcoming American citizens, and eventually to a chance encounter with future business partner Eberhard Anheuser. Though the ad includes replicas of Busch’s notebook and is as historically accurate as possible, the story itself of Busch and Anheuser meeting isn’t exactly the way the true story unfolded. Regardless, it does a great job of resonating with viewers and engaging them in a beautiful story about a brand’s rich history. 

Posted Feb 6, 2017

Super Bowl Commercial Review: King's Hawaiian "False Cabinet"

During the 4th quarter of Sunday’s Big Game, King’s Hawaiian took a stab at the big time and ponied up 5 million big ones to extend their brand and introduce a new product. As much as I’m dying to say this was a home run, err, a touchdown, I’ll skip the tacky clichés and just call this piece what it was — every bit as sweet and savory as their rolls with a slice of leftover turkey and some cranberry sauce the day after Thanksgiving!

Posted Feb 6, 2017