VI Celebrates World Art Day

Posted: Apr 14, 2023

Topics: Creativity

As marketing professionals, we understand the power of creativity in capturing attention, engaging audiences, and driving brand success. From stunning visuals to thought-provoking messaging, art plays a crucial role in shaping the look and feel of brand campaigns.

As humans, we understand the importance of art for art's sake. It provides an outlet for creative expression, creates space for shared experiences, and brings us together as a community and society.

At VI, we take art pretty seriously – at work AND at home. That's why to celebrate World Art Day, we asked the most talented artists we know to share their insights. Keep reading to get inspiration and learn about our team's latest creative endeavors:

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Angel Liverman | Digital Operations Coordinator

Photography is a hobby of mine that allows me to get my creative juices flowing and use parts of my brain I don’t typically use in my everyday work life. I especially enjoy nature photography as it ties into my love for animals and the outdoors. It’s something about it that is so peaceful and grounding for me!



"She is marked on their faces, in the constellation of their freckles.
We carry her in the
space between."

Erin Robinson | Creative Director

I call this The Space Between. It's a digital illustration printed on cotton rag, and it was created for the second annual You & Me: The Art of Grief & Joy After Loss show in Oklahoma City. 


VI AK Art Day VI AK Art Day1


Anna Kinder | Senior Copywriter

For decades, I thought art wasn’t ‘for’ me — especially after I got rejected for an art club in grade school. Luckily, everything changed when I met my husband, who encouraged me to try watercolors, then polymer clay, which is what I used to make this piece. Now, I can’t imagine my life without art. It’s my favorite healthy coping tool!


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Grace Heppler | Human Resources Director

It’s important to have some type of creative outlet. Even if you don’t think you are artistic, everyone has a little creativity in them, whether it’s sketching, painting, cooking or taking pictures! Take time for yourself to create something!



Jeff Bowman | Creative Director

I hate when people say they can’t draw. Anything from stick figures to still lives can be art as long as it means something to you.


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Jennifer Manning | Director of Traditional Media

I started quilting with my mom shortly after college. I enjoy the puzzle of it – I rarely use a pattern and I typically make them for all the expecting moms in my life. I love thinking that all the babies I've made quilts for can pass them down to their kids one day and that I can be a part of all their lives somehow – even if we're not close.



Tim Berney | CEO

It speaks for itself.

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