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Truly Meeting Customers Where They Demand It - Social Media

Posted by Channing Sizemore on Jan 19, 2017

Hi, I’m a millennial, I’m multitasking and I’d rather you not call me. I don’t like it. I have a quiet voice so you will inevitably ask me to repeat myself… especially my name.

5 Reasons Behind the Digital Strategy Dominance of American Horror Story

Posted by Alex Taylor on Jan 18, 2017

In a world full of new ways to capture your target audience, it is growing more and more difficult to do so successfully. Your audience has seen the same old song and dance time and time again, and they’re looking for something new and innovative.

Employee Spotlight: SEO Coordinator Sara Naatz

Posted by Larry McAlister on Jan 10, 2017

When Sara Naatz moved from Chicago to Kansas City, she was at the height of her junior high awkward phase. The frizzy hair and glasses didn’t make for the easiest start in a new city, but as she looks back on that time, she realizes it was the beginning of a new chapter.

How to Successfully Drive App Downloads

Posted by Grace Abblitt on Jan 6, 2017

When it comes to developing an App, many businesses believe that “if you build it, they will come”. However, this is not the case.

Challenging Marketers to Fight Fake News

Posted by Sara Naatz on Jan 5, 2017

Since the 2016 presidential election, it seems journalists, digital gurus and the general public as a whole can’t stop discussing fake news and the role it played in public opinion on both sides of the aisle.

VIth Sense: Engage Your Social Media Personality

Posted by Tim Berney on Jan 5, 2017

Do you recall who was voted ‘Best Personality’ your senior year in high school? They weren’t necessarily the best athlete, smartest, best dressed or best looking. But a lot of classmates were drawn to them because they were never boring. Social media isn’t too different from grade 12.

The Television vs. Livestream Battle Will Continue in 2017

Posted by Elizabeth Tower on Dec 22, 2016

eMarketer has recently released its 10 Key Digital Trends for 2017. One of these predictions is that some time in 2017 a live digital video stream will achieve a primetime TV-size audience.

How 'Fake News' Disrupts Sponsored and Native Advertising

Posted by Kaitlin Loyd on Dec 20, 2016

We are all familiar with the fake news phenomenon. From bogus news websites to the bogus content on social media, the line between professional news and viral amateur "information" has become extremely blurred.

3 Holiday Marketing Tips All B2B's Should Be Leveraging

Posted by Caty Mills on Dec 16, 2016

For many marketers, the holiday season is a time of year where business to conumer (B2C) organizations take over. Consumers have just one thing on their mind and are looking for deals. 

Year in Review: VI's Marketing Trend Predictions for 2016

Posted by Tim Berney on Dec 15, 2016

This past January, we prognosticated about the marketing trends that would shape the year for most marketers. We correctly predicted all five, and we even hit the bonus question - here’s a quick summary.