Committing to Inclusion and Diversity

Posted: Oct 10, 2023

VI cares about the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. While we work to influence behavior change and make a positive impact in our communities, we understand that it starts internally first. Our DEI committee’s mission is to cultivate a workplace that upholds diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront: influencing our ideas, impacting our strategies and shaping our values.

Some of our members of the DEI committee recently had the pleasure of attending the Schnake Turnbo Frank Inclusion & Diversity Consortium where they brought back key information on how to be better allies, how to create a sense of belonging in shared spaces and how to avoid burnout when doing the hard work of combating systemic issues.

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Here are six top takeaways:

While we understand that work in the DEI field is never-ending and ever-changing, we also commit to doing our part to be a part of that change and understanding the importance of holding space for healing and acceptance of all people. Check out a few of the resources below for ways to make change.

Ali McIntosh Inclusion and Diversity Summit



Follow along for more during 30 Days of Change.

Authors: Angel Liverman and Ali McIntosh

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