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Navigating Crisis Communication: Seven Steps to Success

The likelihood of an organization facing crisis in their lifetime is guaranteed in today’s climate. According to an ODM Group study, 59% of business decision makers have experienced a crisis in either their current or previous company.

Posted Oct 14, 2020

What Your Crisis Communications Plan Is Missing

Every company needs a crisis communications plan, because, like companies themselves, a crisis can come in any shape or size, in any industry sector, any geographic location, on any day at any time of year.

Posted Nov 9, 2017

Improving Your Media Relations Through 3 Simple Practices

It was never easy, but public relations is much more complex today than it ever has been. Social media platforms, content marketing, influencer engagement, etc. have led PR to be involved in enhanced orchestration, big ideas, communication skills and strategic planning.

Posted Sep 7, 2017

6 Ways to Get More out of Your Speaking Engagements

From Aristotle to Zuckerberg, thousands of speakers for thousands of years have used speaking engagements as a key marketing tool to inform, persuade or entertain their audiences.

Posted Jul 14, 2017

Best Practices for Nailing your Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is an old-school term for a timeless concept. People don’t even talk on elevators anymore, unless of course they’re on their phones talking to someone not on the elevator.

Posted Jun 23, 2017

4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Damaged Brand in Crisis

In recent years, crises are no longer a question of if, but when. Research shows that companies today have an 82% chance of experiencing a corporate disaster, defined as a whopping 20% loss of market value, within a 5-year period. 20 years ago, the likelihood was just 20%, a consequence of the rise of social media and the open flow of information on the internet.

Posted Feb 15, 2017

Don't Judge Public Relations by Its Cover

When you’ve been in the PR game as long as I have (why bother with the math), sooner or later you end up publicizing about everything there is to promote. I’ve had a few wins along the way:

Posted Aug 1, 2016

Public Relations Is What Wins Elections, but This Isn’t Your Dad’s Election

Since 1960, public relations is what wins elections. 1960 featured the famous Kennedy-Nixon debate, the first ever televised debate where radio listeners felt Nixon won but TV viewers overwhelming sided with Kennedy.

Posted May 27, 2016

What the NCAA's March Madness Can Do for Your Company's Brand

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is a 68-team, 13-city, three-week, cross-country, one-and-done, winner-take-all, bracket-busting free-for-all trek for the national championship, in other words – March Madness.

Posted Mar 14, 2016

A Little Light on $5 Million for a Super Bowl Ad? Think PR

So a 30-second Super Bowl spot is going for a cool $5 million in 2016. The 50th Super Bowl, as they say, is in tall cotton.

Posted Feb 4, 2016

Defining Modern Public Relations with Help from the Past

Public relations (PR) was created to influence, some say manipulate, public opinion. It’s true in the early days, and for a lot of the next six decades, propaganda and manipulation (coined “spin”) were often the rule of the day, especially for high-powered lobbies and politicians who had products or ideas they needed to sell, despite a few skeletons in the closet.

Posted Dec 30, 2015

Dear Volkswagen, This Is Not How to Handle a Scandal

The mishandling of the Volkswagen emission scandal came early and often. To use baseball terminology, and actually emission terminology as well, Volkswagen “whiffed.”

Posted Dec 17, 2015