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Doc Blogger Driving National Healthcare Conversation From Broadway Extension

They know Dr. Keith Smith on Capitol Hill. They know him in Canada and in Blue Cross boardrooms around the country, too.

Posted Jun 8, 2013

111 Million Viewers is Nice, but PRing the Ads Provides Real Value

Back in the day - five to 10 years ago - companies used to spend $1.5-2.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot in hopes it made enough of an impression to be the office water-cooler talk the next day.

Posted Jan 31, 2013


Outside of many high profile crisis communications efforts, possibly no public relations campaign has been so large, and so successful over the past four decades than that of the Super Bowl.

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Trends for 2012

JWT Intelligence, who’s in the marketing research business, issued it’s 2012 forecast that showed continued economic uncertainty, new technology and the idea of shared responsibility would drive emerging trends this year.

Posted Jan 20, 2012

Apple Wants You... And You... And You...

I used to be a big Macintosh computer fan. I still am, to some degree. But lately, I've been wrestling with the "new" philosophy of Apple. To me, they're different than the company I originally fell for.You see, I love the little guy - the individual/company that succeeds despite overwhelming odds.

Posted Aug 16, 2010

The VIth Sense - The Public Relations Silo

I'm rather disappointed in the public relations industry. 2009 should have been a banner year for PR. With the emergence of social media as a major tool for marketers and the notion that publicity potentially comes at a lesser price than other marketing disciplines (including advertising), PR firms could be replacing ad agencies as the communications leader among clients. But it's not.

Posted Dec 31, 2009

Slashed Marketing Budget?

Should you find yourself with a smaller marketing budget and need to prioritize your efforts, start here:

Posted Aug 16, 2008

The Increasing Power of Public Relations

Once considered a stepchild in the marketing world, public relations may be the most powerful tool available to marketers today.

Posted Oct 13, 2007