A Simple Facebook Trick You Should Start Using Today

Author: Gentry McKeown
Posted: May 31, 2016

Topics: Social Media

We’ve all been there. We’re browsing Facebook on our smart phone to kill time and we come across an intriguing cat video. Our internal dialogue usually sounds something like this:

Should I watch it or continue scrolling? What if there’s a more interesting Beyonce video waiting for me further down in my feed? Why is life full of difficult decisions?


The good news, is Facebook offers two simple solutions:

  1. Add it to your saved videos
    Do this by opening the video and clicking the arrow in the top-right corner. Voila! Your video is saved for later.
  2. Keep the video open while you browse your timeline.
    Do this by clicking the picture-in-picture icon in the top-right corner. Enjoy your video while you scroll through your feed.



This is a great tool for Facebook users, but what does this mean for social media advertisers?

As attention spans decrease, online marketers (and Facebook itself) are facing fierce competition. To keep up with competitors like YouTube, Facebook is rolling out new features that will help it remain one of the top platforms to discover and watch videos. These features provide brands with more opportunities to keep their video content in front of their audience longer.

Facebook video consumption is on the rise, so ride the wave.

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