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Is Your Social Campaign Ready to Publish?

It’s 2016. By now you know the importance and impact of an integrated social media strategy. You’ve secured a social media advertising budget and you are ready to push the big red go button on a campaign. But, before you promote your beautiful graphics or videos, do you know why you’re launching this campaign in the first place? Do you know why you’ve chosen a particular social media platform to advertise on over another? Are you even sure you can call it a “social” campaign?

Posted Jan 18, 2016

The Instagram Ads Are Here and Hipsters Won't Cheer

First comes the fear.

Earlier this summer Instagram announced they would open up their ad platform for all businesses that yearn to get a perfect visual of that thing you don’t need in front of you – slowing down your scroll speed in seeing your bestie’s brunch from a 5-star yelp establishment.

Posted Jan 7, 2016

Brands: Stop Doing These 6 Annoying Things on Social Media

Get off my lawn! No, but seriously. It’s easy to release my inner curmudgeon these days with all the various social media platforms I download my physical body into and go to work.

Posted Nov 12, 2015

The Latest News of the News on Social Media

I admit it, I'm old school. Early every morning I grab a cup of coffee and walk down the driveway with my hair sticking sideways to retrieve my morning paper before workout. But lately - as in the last few years "lately" - my routine has changed.

Posted Oct 30, 2015

VIth Sense: Social is Climbing in the Marketing World

Four years ago, my company hired our first social media practitioner. We had used social media for a few recent campaigns and had an inkling that it would become an important tactic that we could use for more clients going forward. Boy were we wrong!


Today, social media isn’t just an important tactic, it’s a necessary one. A must do if you want to communicate with clients and prospects! Yes, social media should be a part of every marketing and communications plan. Every one of them.

But, if you still view social media as posting interesting stuff and commenting on your friend’s activities, it’s time to catch up. Social media has targeting capabilities that no other medium has. So, yes you need to spend money to take advantage of it. You’ve got a paid media budget anyway, so you just need to shift some dollars to social. And, you’ve got a creative production budget too- you just need to repurpose some of those ads through social channels. And, stop producing so many ads and start producing content that your target is looking for.

This version of the VIth Sense can’t be long enough to fully explain the benefits of a good social media effort, so I’ll just point out a few and you’ll have to believe me (or hire me), for the dozens more on the list. Know this: social media as a practice is a legitimate communications channel that has become a marketer’s dream.

Posted Oct 30, 2015

Remember to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Social

Social Media Managers: Raise your hand if your month looks like this...

Posted Oct 19, 2015

Find Out What is Driving Your Social Media ROI

When deciding to pursue social for a brand it is important to first understand three basic things: Why do we use social, who is best suited to manage the task and how can we prove its impact.

Posted Oct 15, 2015

Social Media's Evolution with Small Business

Small business owners all around the world are busy. So busy that when it comes to social media they likely consider it a "win" if they can get any form of simple engagement. Because of this menatlity, they are stuck in the social media infancy of 2008. The social media evolution has made great strides over the past few years for the small business owner, but that business owner likely doesn't know it.

Posted Oct 6, 2015

Facebook Used to Catch a Thief

There’s an old Steve Martin joke that goes something like this: “You can be a MILLIONAIRE and never pay taxes! That’s right, you can have ONE MILLION DOLLARS and never pay taxes! You say, Steve, how can I be a MILLIONAIRE and NEVER pay taxes???! First… get a million dollars…”

Posted Sep 28, 2015

Geo-target Social Advertising Messages to Your Audience on Facebook

As advertising on social media platforms continues to increase, the delivery the ads marketers are running have to become even more precise and efficient. I often compare targeting ads like digital sniping because the current social media platforms provide a laser guided view of the specific audience I’m looking for so I can fire place an ad into their timelines. 

Posted Aug 10, 2015

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media Video

Video is one of the fastest growing social media tactics. It seems every platform is making it easier to create, view and share videos. With the introduction of Facebook autoplay, promoted videos on Twitter, Instagram video, Vine and Snapchat, other platforms are giving YouTube a run for their money.

Posted Aug 7, 2015

Why Facebook Ads Are Great for Your Business Objectives

If you're a business that still posts to Facebook and prays that your target demo will see it, just stop it. It probably has never worked and never will. And because it has never worked, you are probably in the camp that thinks social media doesn't work. Here we go. Strap in.

Posted Jul 6, 2015