Remember to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Social

Author: Gentry McKeown
Posted: Oct 19, 2015

Topics: Social Media

Social Media Managers: Raise your hand if your month looks like this...

  • Consult content calendar
  • Schedule posts
  • Forget about it

That’s not an ideal situation, but it’s tempting to let your accounts run on autopilot when the life of a social media manager involves so much more than managing social media (amiright?).

No matter how seasoned you are, sometimes it’s important to revisit your notes from Social Media 101 and remind yourself that first and foremost, it’s an engagement tool. And that means – you guessed it – making time for two-way communication.

The benefits are pretty obvious. It’s an opportunity to show off your brilliant personality, and make meaningful contact with existing and potential customers as well as other brands.

If you need a little inspiration, here are my favorite examples of brands that are doing it right:

  1. Whole Foods knows how to make a tweeter feel special.

  2. It’s obvious that Charmin gives a s#!t.

  3. This interaction between Taco Bell and Old Spice is so awesome it makes me want to eat Taco Bell even while sober.

  4. This (below) totally happened. And Arby’s is now officially my spirit animal. Sure, your brand may not be as big as these guys, but it only takes a little time and creativity to make your followers smile. Besides, making room in your schedule to focus on the best part of your job is good for your overall sanity.

So consider this your pep talk, social media managers. Think outside the content calendar and go join the conversation.

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