Social media is pretty much for every business but yours.

Author: Casey Cornett
Posted: Jun 4, 2013

If you found this blog because you were searching for anything related to, “B2B” “social media” and “help” – you are one of many who have tried, struggled and come to the conclusion that social media is pretty much for every business but yours. If you came to that conclusion, knock it off. If you are so pessimistic about social media with your B2B that you can’t find a way to shake out your negativity – then hand your computer over to someone more open-minded than you and go turn in your resume, because social media is absolutely for your business.



Now, I’m not saying that you need to go open a Facebook account (but you probably do). What I AM saying is that you need to figure out what you want from social. No, you don’t want LIKES. No, you don’t want Retweets. You want conversions. What you need to figure out is what conversions are obtainable, measurable and make you want to high-five the person sitting next to you.


Conversions? Yes. Set them up and reach them.


Your conversions will be different for a B2B than your typical restaurant’s would be. A B2B conversion is driving more phone calls to your sales department. A B2B conversion is having more views on your “About Us” video located your website. A B2B conversion is about getting other businesses to see the value in your company. What value are you offering? Are the potential-client businesses seeing that offering? After they see it, are they acting on it? Is your company leading your industry? Prove it.


Keep in mind, if you are a business trying to sell to another business, the person in charge of your potential client’s social media is not going to engage in a possible sales exchange publicly on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+ etc (so don’t count LIKES/retweets/+1’s as potential wins). They are going to Google you. They’re going to watch your videos on YouTube and your website. They’re going to check for your “Contact” page and they’re also going to read your blogs…I’ll save you time on looking for our contact page…it’s right here.


Talk with you soon.


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