Marketing Professionals React to the Top Commercials from the Biggest Game of the Year

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the biggest football game of the year, and advertisers are eager to get in on the action. From emotional storytelling to humor and everything in between, VI marketing masterminds break down the key elements of successful, and some not-so-successful, advertising during football's biggest game of the year.

Caroline Cocanougher | Ad Operations Lead

Favorite: Tubi Interface Interruption

Tubi hands down had the best ad of the night! The one where it looked like the game came back on, then someone used a "remote" to switch to the Tubi app. I was at a party, and everyone there started asking where the remote was. This was also popular on Twitter!

Valerie Trammell | Group Account Director

Favorite: Tubi Interface Interruption

The Tubi commercial was really smart in the way that it disrupted everyone and really got people's attention. We get used to the same tropes over and over (comedy with celebrity cameos, sentimental storytelling, etc.), but this one really pushed out of the existing form. Effective? Not sure. But impactful and disruptive? Absolutely.


Deleanie Moriello | Senior Marketing Strategist

Favorites: E*TRADE Baby & Google #FixedOnPixel

The two commercials I really loved were E*TRADE's Baby Commercials and Google's #FixedOnPixel. I loved how E*TRADE reversed to have the babies be the 'adults' and talk about being financially responsible.
I also thought Google did a really great job in showing the use of the phones camera and what set them apart from competitors in their #FixedOnPixel spot. They also played on humor by making their commercial funny and included relevant trends.

Least Favorite: Pepsi Great Acting or Great Taste?

I really disliked the Pepsi Zero Sugar spot. I didn't like how they used acting as making people believe what they are seeing is real, but then showing clips of what essentially isn't real. I just felt like at the end of the clip when they drink the beverage, you kind of think maybe he is faking it / doesn't actually enjoy the drink.



Jenna Curtis | Ad Operations Specialist

Favorites: Tubi Interface Interruption & Pepsi Great Acting or Great Taste?

I loved the Pepsi commercial. I thought they were funny and I haven't felt like Pepsi had a good ad in a while. Another ad I loved was the Tubi commercial. I really thought that my dog had sat on the remote and opened a new app.

Least Favorite: The Roast of Mr. Peanut

I really disliked the Planters Peanuts commercial. I had honestly forgotten they killed off Mr. Peanut and it just wasn't funny to me. I get the concept of a roast and peanuts having to be roasted, but it just missed the mark for me. 



Tyler Klaassen | Senior Marketing Strategist

Favorites: TurboTax, Pringles Best of Us & Pepsi Great Acting or Great Taste?

I loved Pepsi's spots with Ben Stiller and Steve Martin. The tagline was so simple but fantastic! "Only way to find out is to try it yourself." Too often, commercials go for a big laugh and don't tie their joke back into any good CTA or strategy for the brand. Here, they leave you curious and intrigued, all tying back to the fun of the first 25 seconds of the commercial. Well done!
I also loved TurboTax's spots, which gave viewers something fun and relaxing to aspire to, if only they use TurboTax's services. Very simple and effective.
The funniest spot, in my opinion, was the Pringles commercial. I couldn't stop laughing at all the Pringles-lovers with their hand stuck in the can... It may have been involuntary, but they all wore it proudly, effectively telling the world "I LOVE PRINGLES" in the most inconvenient way.

Erin Robinson | Creative Director

Favorite: SquareSpace The Singularity

Last year I was completely smitten with SquareSpace's ad with Zendaya, Sally's Seashells. This year I feel like they delivered again with Adam Driver's, The Singularity. The ad was smart, memorable and left you with a clear idea of the service they provide.


Jonathan Zima | Senior Digital Strategist

Favorites: TurboTax, SquareSpace The Singularity & The Farmer's Dog

There were two commercials that stood out to me because of their simple, effective messaging:
1. TurboTax's Not Taxes and
2. SquareSpace's The Singularity
However, the commercial that stuck out the most for me was The Farmer's Dog spot. It drew on those emotional touch points for the love one has for their dog. It brought those feelings on me as I sat next to my dog watching the game on the couch - like so many at home were doing. As you watched the commercial it made you think about your own dog. Great song too!


Julia Adkins | Marketing Strategy Coordinator

Favorites: The Farmer's Dog & Tubi Interface Interruption

The Farmer's Dog commercial made me cry - and then immediately after go to their website to look at their dog food! Smart Marketing: I thought the Tubi commercial was super smart and memorable too. It also created a funny memory, and people will be talking about Tubi for a long time.

Least Favorite: T-Mobile New Year New Neighbor

I didn't care for the T-Mobile commercial with John Travolta and Zach Braff singing - it was way too long! It didn't hold my attention and I almost didn't stick around long enough to even see the end plate with their logo or branding.



Karlie Stafford | Agency Marketing Coordinator

Favorite: Doritos Jack's New Angle

I really enjoyed the Doritos commercial with Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott, and Elton John. It was a perfect blend of different musical styles and cultures. The vibrant colors, energetic performances, and creative visuals made for a visually appealing experience, while the clever way of promoting the product made it an effective advertisement. The use of different music appeals to a wide range of audiences and made an impactful statement. Overall, I thought this was a great commercial that successfully combined entertainment and marketing!


Mindy Scott | Copywriter

Favorite: Heineken 0.0 & GM x Netflix Why Not an EV?

I thought the GM x Netflix commercial was great. I think co-op marketing (two brands sharing ad space) is genius. You get the same amount of exposure, but you get to split the cost. This allowed them to do something big and grand at a fraction of the price – smart marketing!
I also thought the Heineken 0.0 x Ant-Man commercial was good. Again, co-op marketing — but it had everyone question why Ant-Man was promoting a beer, something Disney is usually not cool with. Well surprise, the beer is non-alcoholic. Pretty good!

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