Brand Positivity, Individual Positivity: What We Can Do Now and Always

Author: Kregg Lee
Posted: Apr 1, 2020

Topics: Culture

I want to start off by saying that I am no doctor of psychology or psychiatry. I have never done an extensive study on the effects of positivity or positive reinforcement.

What I am is a guy with 57 years of not-always-rosy experiences in life. But hey, my three siblings and I? We made it through — with a single, working mother and a house full of “make the most outta what you got.” To this date, I’ve spent 12 years competing in team sports as a kid, 34 years of marriage, and 32 years as a father of four, which blessed me with 20 years of coaching little league teams of all ages and sports. I should also throw in the 35 years as a part of very successful professional teams in the field of advertising, marketing & branding.

I bore you with all of these stats to make a point. We have all been and always will be part of a TEAM throughout our lives. Family, career, community and beyond.

Whether you are a national or local brand, leader of a company or a little league coach, a message of positive reinforcement and support will go a long way to unite, inspire and build.

As we continue through some of the most difficult and unpredictable times in our country’s history, I feel it is of the utmost importance to remember this: every message we send out as a brand, community leader, or team member has an effect on those around us.

There are two thoughts that have always been in my back pocket, and I truly believe them. The influence of a positive attitude cannot be understated. And the power a smile, compassion and a little empathy can move the mountain.

Keep Smilin’,


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