VI Marketing and Branding: A Google Premier Partner Agency in Oklahoma

Posted: Apr 1, 2021

Topics: Digital Media


VI receives an official designation from Google signifying our extensive knowledge, experience, and success using all Google Ads platforms. VI has demonstrated agency performance by delivering strong overall Google Ads revenues and revenue growth, and sustaining and growing our clients' customer bases.

Not to be confused with completing Google Certification (which our entire team has), agencies cannot simply apply for a Google Premier Partnership. Only 2 percent of agencies worldwide receive this designation and VI is the only Google Premier Partner agency among our peers. 

Why does this mean for you? Our entire digital team is Google Certified and trained thoroughly on all Google platforms. Our team has a designated Google representative in whom we have a frequent, ongoing relationship. Our team even heads to Mountain View, California for on-campus Google training.

Through the Google Premier Partnership, our team has beta (and sometimes alpha) access to Google’s newest, most powerful services not readily available to the public. Our team is being trained in the latest platform updates and tactics before many other brands. Ask us which products we’ve tested!


The Premier Google Partner badge shows that we’re recognized as a leading agency for developing and maintaining successful online advertising campaigns for businesses. We’ve earned the Google Partner badge by demonstrating knowledge of specific Google Ads advertising products. Plus, we get access to exclusive trainings that help us help you.

A snapshot of the benefits to you:

  • We are qualified by Google
  • We have Google advertising product knowledge
  • We have passed certification in Google Ads
  • We have access to Google training and support As a Google Partner, we can help you improve your campaign

Premier Google Partners have passed the criteria for earning Google Partner status and have also met higher certification and company performance requirements.

In addition to earning Premier status, VI Marketing and Branding touts company specializations. Specializations recognize badged agencies that have one certified affiliated person in a Google Ads product area, demonstrate increased product performance and expertise in that product area, and meets spend minimums. Badged agencies can earn specializations in search advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, display advertising, and shopping advertising. VI holds badges in Search Advertising, Video Advertising, and Display Advertising. 

Interested in learning more about this unique designation? Talk with one of our Digital Experts today!

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