Keep Oklahoma's State Parks Clean and Lead the Way on Natures Behalf

Posted: Sep 29, 2020

This year, Oklahoman’s have been more encouraged to consider outdoor-based activities when planning their day trips, weekend getaways and family vacations. As a result, Oklahoma State Parks have seen a significant increase in visitors. There are a total of 33 parks with a wide range of activities that are suited for every single traveler. However, higher volume of visitation means an increase in trash to be disposed. 

State Park goers can make a difference and help keep Oklahoma beautiful for many years to come by following these 5 easy tips when visiting one of our parks:

1. Use refillable bottles

About 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away each hour. When visiting Oklahoma State Parks, bring refillable water bottles or buy one at the park’s gift shop.

2. Avoid plastic bags

Bring reusable bags for your souvenirs or groceries. This helps eliminate more plastic bag waste in our parks and landfills.

3. Use paperless maps

Download the free Oklahoma State Parks app and get access to park updates, trail maps, park amenities and other useful tools at your fingertips. See state parks app information here.

4. Avoid disposable cups

Coffee is a vital part of my morning (and afternoon!) Bring a reusable coffee mug or purchase one from a State Park souvenir shop. With approximately 58 billion paper cups America’s landfill each year, using reusable containers is one easy way to help reduce our footprint.

5. Leave no trace

Take what you brought and leave nothing behind. And you should also avoid breaking or destroying trees or plants during your visit. Bring an extra bag along while hiking or camping to ensure you have someplace to dispose of trash properly.

These tips are just a few simple ways to keep Oklahoma State Parks clean and beautiful for not just you but the next visitor to come. Be sure to check out a list of our state parks here.

Stay safe! 

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