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VIth Sense: Marketing Data Is Creeping Along

When we discuss targeting capabilities of various digital platforms, clients often use the term ‘creepy.’ People can be a bit uneasy with the realization that they are being targeted with ads based on their own actions, purchases and self-reported information.

Posted Apr 17, 2018

VIth Sense: Bank on Bank Research

You know most of what you need to know about your industry, your customers and your competition. You could look at a survey and predict 90% of the answers, right? That’s the story of my career. I know my clients and their industries very well. But I keep pitching primary research to them. And it’s all so that I can make a buck!

Posted Mar 29, 2018

VIth Sense: Top 5 Factors of a Weak Brand

You might agree that a strong brand leads to more sales and customer loyalty. But, how do you know if your brand is weak or strong? I recently wrote about the top 5 factors of a strong brand. Here’s the list that you don’t want to relate to.

Posted Feb 27, 2018

VIth Sense: Top 5 Factors of a Strong Brand

In a world where consumers have virtually all of the control over retail purchases, they still make their choices based on brands. They know what they’re getting — whether it’s quality, price or street cred. There’s something that they value, so they choose the brand that delivers it. Those companies who have the most well-positioned brands are the easiest for consumers to choose from. But, what makes up a strong brand? These are the top five factors:

Posted Jan 11, 2018

VIth Sense: The Best Marketing Advice You’ll Ever Get

Advice: Listen to the experts.

I guarantee that no marketing firm or advertising agency recommended this logo to the Best Western decision-makers.

The End.

Posted Nov 15, 2017

VIth Sense: What Colin Kaepernick Can Teach You About Brand Association

Branding Microseconds
What comes to mind when you think of the iPhone? Sleek, hi-tech, expensive, security blanket, camera, friends, access…? Whatever it is, that’s what you associate with Apple. People go through the same mental process with your company’s brand too. It’s called brand association. And it’s either making you money or costing you some each and every day.

Posted Sep 20, 2017

VIth Sense: Keep the "Marketing" in "Digital Marketing"

I am intrigued by movies set in the 1800’s that always seem to have the obligatory Magic Tonic salesman drawing a crowd while he exclaims the many benefits of his potion. No matter the movie, the character is always enthusiastic and selling their product as the key to your future happiness.  In other words, they make a big deal out of it. And in the movies, like real life, people buy it.

Posted Aug 21, 2017

VIth Sense: Brand or Culture: Which Comes First

I’ve been involved in a lot of strategic planning sessions lately, and we inevitably discuss brand vision at some point in time. That is, what does the organization want the brand to ultimately be? Something lofty, even noble. As we discuss this, some clients will talk about a vision that is well articulated and congruent with how they are currently operating. Others want their brand to be something that is far different than what it is today (fair enough) and they operate in a manner that isn’t going to get them there (impossible).

Posted Jul 12, 2017

VIth Sense: Your Next Opportunity is at the Mall

The announcement of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods shouldn’t be surprising. Amazon has grown from an online book retailer to a logistics distribution company. Why wouldn’t they, or similar companies get into the delivery of consumable products? Maybe UPS will buy YUM brands next. Or Uber will hook up with Home Depot. And when all of this happens, who will occupy all of this expensive real estate that these national retailers currently occupy? Radio Shack, Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s, Payless, American Apparel – it’s a long list and getting longer.
Posted Jun 23, 2017

VIth Sense: Could a Loyalty Program Help Your Brand Soar?

What does it take for a brand to earn your loyalty? Meeting all of your expectations? Exceeding them? A loyalty program? There's no doubt that loyalty programs can be of tremendous value to marketers. But, developing the program and getting people to join it is just the beginning of the challenge.

Posted May 25, 2017

VIth Sense: Self-driving vehicles — First to market wins. First to wreck, loses.

There is a business theory that the first brand that goes to market usually wins. Research tells us that being early to market might be better than first. It will be interesting to watch this in practice as autonomous or self-driving vehicles begin hitting the market sometime around 2021. Most of the major automotive manufacturers are developing the vehicles and licensing the technologies that will dramatically change our lives in the very near future. So, first to market might be barely first and have no real impact. I like that because it means good marketing will decide the winner.

Posted Apr 13, 2017

VIth Sense: Great Brand Strategy Starts in the Bathroom

Which consumer brand do you associate with your bathroom? Is there one? There seems to be a dominant brand or two that is associated with most things in our everyday lives: Del Monte or Libby's in the pantry; Maytag or Whirlpool in the laundry room; LG, Samsung, Sony in the den. There are a few that receive heavy consideration in each instance.


Posted Mar 14, 2017