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The VIth Sense - You Can't Sell Tomatoes at the Shoe Store

We've had several conversations lately with organizations that want to change the way they sell their product. That's a great idea in theory as one can save buckets of money with an online model. The dilemma with these specific companies is that they want to change the way they sell,

Posted Oct 12, 2010

The VIth Sense - When Competition is Good

Ever tasted an acai berry? Had you even heard of one five years ago? Me neither. And the only free radicals I knew were Jane Fonda and the Black Panthers. Today, I'm pretty sure my free radicals are going to kill me by morning if I don't drink acai juice or some other antioxidant.

Posted Aug 6, 2010

The VIth Sense - Does Dawn Look Dirty?

I have been pondering Dawn Dish Detergent since the Gulf oil disaster (using the product to clean oil off of wildlife). We wrote about them a year or so ago praising their cause marketing approach, but tying it to the utility of their product. It was no surprise to see the spots running again after the Gulf event. But, I have a sort of negative feeling about it this time around.

Posted Jun 24, 2010

The VIth Sense - A Lesson From Main Street

Is it really necessary to conduct marketing activities and strive for good customer service when you operate a parking garage? I mean, a parking space is just a piece of concrete bordered by yellow lines. If it's convenient, you pull in. What's to market?

Posted May 25, 2010

The VIth Sense - Tropicana: Stupid Smart

A January freeze in Florida resulted in an increase in orange prices. Instead of raising the price of the most common sizes of its boxed juice, Tropicana has decreased the size of the packaging- and therefore the volume therein. An interesting and fairly common strategy. But pretty risky too.

Posted Apr 12, 2010

The VIth Sense - Domino's Boldly Goes Where No Sane Person Would Ever Go

By now, you've probably seen the Domino's Pizza spot where they show real customers saying their crust tastes like cardboard and their sauce like catsup (continental aren't we?). I don't get it. A creatively said 'new and improved' was vetoed for a total re-do? For the #1 pizza delivery company in the country?!?

Posted Feb 4, 2010

The VIth Sense - The Public Relations Silo

I'm rather disappointed in the public relations industry. 2009 should have been a banner year for PR. With the emergence of social media as a major tool for marketers and the notion that publicity potentially comes at a lesser price than other marketing disciplines (including advertising), PR firms could be replacing ad agencies as the communications leader among clients. But it's not.

Posted Dec 31, 2009

The VIth Sense - Evolve or Die

We've had quite a few conversations in the last year with organizations that are seeing their market share fall and can't find their way out of it. What they had in common was not poor marketing, per se. Rather, it was how they were going to market.

Posted Dec 3, 2009

The VIth Sense - Powerful Medium or Powerful Format?

Staying on the television theme-- was it that television was such a powerful medium in its heyday? Or was it the video (film, moving pictures, etc.) format? With the rapid increase in viewers of online video (spurred by bandwidth), the format seems to remain highly preferred by consumers. 

Posted Nov 20, 2009

The VIth Sense - The Value in Messaging

I've been in too many conversations lately where people confuse value with price. Price is price. Value is what you get for the money.Consider what Microsoft is doing with their reality campaign that showsa consumer searching for the computer that has the exact features that they want.

Posted Aug 6, 2009

The VIth Sense - Where's Toyota?

If I ran Toyota, I'd be marketing more aggressively than ever right now. With GM and Chrysler on the ropes, Toyota has the opportunity to grab market share by the handful. 

Posted Jul 3, 2009

The VIth Sense - Starbucks Continues to Trip Over Itself

We hate to continue to beat up Starbucks. But, they continue to be a case study in poor strategic marketing. The latest: A branding campaign that tolls the virtues of buying fair-trade coffee beans and providing health care for part-time employees (no mention of the employee benefit cuts from last year). 

Posted Jun 2, 2009