The VIth Sense - A Lesson From Main Street

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: May 25, 2010

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Is it really necessary to conduct marketing activities and strive for good customer service when you operate a parking garage? I mean, a parking space is just a piece of concrete bordered by yellow lines. If it's convenient, you pull in. What's to market?


In Oklahoma City, I park at Main Street Garage. Not for any other reason than it provides the easiest access to my building. You might imagine how surprised I was when coming off the elevator, just before Independence Day weekend, there was a young man playing patriotic tunes on a piano. And, a young lady handed me a red, white, and blue decorated cookie. Just for parking with them.

I began to take notice. Never a single piece of trash anywhere. No broken lights or unrepaired hand rails. Always a smile from the attendant. The two televisions by the elevators are (strategically) tuned to a conservative news channel on one screen, and a liberal network on the other. Easter: Candy from a large rabbit. Christmas: Candy canes with holiday tunes.

That's for us monthly parkers. How about those who visit downtown for events? Just park, walk outside, and shoot a basketball through the hoop and your fare is refunded. 'You can play each time you park with us' they say. And so you do - Main Street becomes your place to park every time you're downtown.

Customer service is a marketing tool. Treat it like one and your repeat business will improve. You'll save on marketing dollars and turn customers into fans. Make one small change today and you'll see results tomorrow.

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