The VIth Sense - Evolve or Die

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Dec 3, 2009

We've had quite a few conversations in the last year with organizations that are seeing their market share fall and can't find their way out of it. What they had in common was not poor marketing, per se. Rather, it was how they were going to market.


We've written several times that the digital revolution scattered consumers, forcing us to reach them in different places – places where they are, not necessarily where they had been previously or where we wanted them to be. The same thought process applies to how you go to market, or how you sell your goods and services. These companies basically wanted their prospects to do business to match the existing selling model. But, the Internet has greatly influenced buying habits in almost every industry. And these companies haven't evolved with their industry or their customers. No amount of VI marketing magic was going to help these firms if they didn't put their product where their target is.

A great marketing program isn't always about a better idea. Sometimes it starts with good old distribution management (in modern form, of course). Take a look at your offering and make sure that you're not missing out on sales because you're not selling where they're buying. And they're not buying in Jurassic Park.

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