The Next Big Thing In Marketing - Human Trust

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Nov 24, 2009

Topics: Social Media

Tired of hearing about how the next big killer application is going to turn your business into a gold mine and make life easier for you? Yes, we all know that mass media habits have changed and that we're now a wired society, dependent on our computers and smartphones for information.


But that doesn't necessarily mean that something new equates to something better for your business.

As we become mesmerized by and inundated with new technologies, we tend to forget about the one deciding factor when purchasing a service or product from one company over another: human trust.

A stroke on a keyboard, an e-mail or a tweet will never replace the experience of meeting someone, shaking a hand and engaging in a conversation. When that happens, there's trust and with trust comes customer loyalty.

As the holidays approach, we urge you to try the next big thing in marketing – human trust.

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