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The VIth Sense - Content Marketing is Not a Strategy

In order for you to believe that I’m a comedian, I need to tell you a joke. I can tell you all day long how hilarious I am. But until I actually make you laugh, you won’t (and shouldn’t) believe me. It’s a claim, not a brand position. That’s the point of content marketing. Produce ‘content’ that proves your brand position.

Posted May 6, 2014

Why B2B Marketers Can’t View Social Media As Optional

There’s no denying that social media has quickly become one of the most effective and efficient ways to communicate with an audience. Social media provides the interactive platform necessary to build the irreplaceable connection between brands and their audiences. Consumers and B2B buyers alike are no longer viewing this interaction as optional – consumers expect to communicate with businesses where they already spend time. So why are so many businesses still skeptical as to how and why they should incorporate it into their marketing plans?

Posted Jan 17, 2014

It’s Not for Robots Anymore

Ever met a business executive who watches Jimmy Fallon? Know a CEO that’s on Pandora? Seen one laugh? Cry? Even yell? Then why do marketers refuse to understand that business people are some sort of non-human entities that we must take a serious (aka BORING) approach to when we’re trying to sell them some sort of business related service?

Posted Jun 21, 2013

Banks Need To Consider Social Marketing To Reach The Unbanked

=Unbanked. Until this week, I hadn’t heard the term. It seems Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of unbanked and underbanked citizens in the country.

Posted Jun 9, 2013

Social media is pretty much for every business but yours.

If you found this blog because you were searching for anything related to, “B2B” “social media” and “help” – you are one of many who have tried, struggled and come to the conclusion that social media is pretty much for every business but yours. If you came to that conclusion, knock it off. If you are so pessimistic about social media with your B2B that you can’t find a way to shake out your negativity – then hand your computer over to someone more open-minded than you and go turn in your resume, because social media is absolutely for your business.

Posted Jun 4, 2013