It’s Not for Robots Anymore

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Jun 21, 2013

Ever met a business executive who watches Jimmy Fallon? Know a CEO that’s on Pandora? Seen one laugh? Cry? Even yell? Then why do marketers refuse to understand that business people are some sort of non-human entities that we must take a serious (aka BORING) approach to when we’re trying to sell them some sort of business related service?


Give me a nickel for every business-to-business campaign that treats their target like a real human who drinks beer and reads the headlines of the Enquirer when standing in line at the grocery store, and I might have enough cash for a Gordita at Taco Bell (where I’m sure you’d never see a business owner).

B2B campaigns usually sell serious products for serious businesses. And the products and services that these people buy can have very serious implications on their businesses. But what’s lost on people marketing to them is that these serious decisions are being made by real people. Your neighbor. The guy at the gym. The lady working her garden. They get jokes- they even laugh at the funny ones. (Link to a Paycom radio spot here).

So, what’s a bigger risk? Treating a real live business person like a real live human? Or, putting no emotion in your message, somehow hoping that it will appeal to their inner-robot?

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