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9 Tips for Nailing Your Television Interview

Posted by Larry McAlister on Oct 2, 2015

You’ve landed a television interview - you should be excited (unless of course it’s 60-minutes knocking on your door).

Assuming your interview is for positive purposes, the presence of a camera still provides a unique dynamic, and there are factors that need to be considered before doing an interview with broadcast media.

Healthcare Marketing: More Important than Ever

Posted by Tim Berney on Sep 15, 2015

In the early part of my career, healthcare marketing was dominated by hospitals. There was always discussion about whether or not to concentrate on this industry as an advertising agency.


Planning: The Difference Between Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Posted by Megan Radford on Aug 6, 2015

As we’ve talked about many times on the VI blog (here and here), a strategic marketing plan is the most crucial component of your marketing efforts. Without it, you can’t measure effectiveness, you can’t see the big picture and you certainly can’t create buy-in from your employees – or customers, for that matter.

What Is the Difference Between Sponsored Content and Native Advertising?

Posted by Shannon Porter on Mar 30, 2015

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “Content is king.” In fact, it was Bill Gates, way back in 1996, who first stated that fact in an article he wrote of the same name. Now almost twenty years later, we can see that Bill Gates’ prophecy has indeed come true.