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Dislike Commercials, But Don't Have a DVR? This May Not Be a Problem.

Early this month the U.S. Court of Appeals for New York overturned a ruling that previously blocked cable networks from making use of a “network DVR.” This technology will allow users to record programs to an off-site hard drive by a simple push of their remote button and without upgrading their set-top boxes. Think On-Demand without limits.

Posted Aug 18, 2008

Internet Usage Up 62% From Last Year

According to a newly released National Report from Media Audit, U.S. adults now spend an average of 3 hours and 2 minutes per day online, compared to 2 hours and 2 minutes per day a year ago, a 62% increase. As a result, the Internet now represents 29% of the typical media day for U.S. adults, when compared to time spent with TV, radio, newspaper and outdoor media such as billboards.

Posted Jul 24, 2008

Traditional Target Demographics Are Irrelevant

Last month we asked if you felt that there was a significant difference between a man born in 1954 and a woman born in 1983. 98% agreed that the difference is great... For years, our media department has criticized traditional demographic cells as irrelevant.

Posted Apr 18, 2008

The New Media Empire: A Shift Every Business Needs to Know About

The media empire is no longer the conglomerate of companies that make up the various TV networks, cable companies, radio stations and newspapers.

Posted Apr 5, 2008

More about New Marketing

At VI, we’re not so much into new media as we are new marketing. Yes, it’s the digital tools that have provided us many of the opportunities that we’re taking advantage of. But, they’re just that: tools. And there are plenty of new opportunities in traditional media as well (we’ve developed several over the last few years).

Posted Jan 18, 2008