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Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Jan 18, 2008

At VI, we’re not so much into new media as we are new marketing. Yes, it’s the digital tools that have provided us many of the opportunities that we’re taking advantage of. But, they’re just that: tools. And there are plenty of new opportunities in traditional media as well (we’ve developed several over the last few years).


The basic premise of our job has not changed: target our prospects where they spend their time, with messages that are relevant and memorable to them. But, just advertising online is no better an idea than just advertising on TV. Or radio, or in print, or through direct mail, or billboards (your local late-night furniture store advertising accentuates that point well). It’s still all in how you do it - that includes all elements of strategy, messaging, creative, etc.

The digital era has opened up a world of new ideas and possibilities for creative marketing. Banner ads and search engine marketing are worthy of consideration, but are only a fraction of the opportunities that exist for new marketing. We can help you develop innovative tactics specifically for your challenges - digital or linear. You just have to provide an open mind.

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