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GoDaddy Goes Funny

As an ad writer, I never stop pushing boundaries. I never cease trying to stretch the limits of what I’m allowed to do, what I’m allowed to say.

Posted Jan 28, 2013


The Super Bowl has a long-standing tradition as not only the most anticipated football game of the year, but also the night where companies strut out their ad execs’ best work, from the Budweiser Frogs to Clint Eastwood, Super Bowl Sunday brings out the best (hopefully) in Advertising.

Posted Jan 28, 2013

Holidays and the way we shop…

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Posted Oct 25, 2012

JCPenney: Out With the Old, Out With The New

The JCPenney rebrand is officially being called a flop. It seems that the public has not yet embraced the everyday low pricing for fashion and household goods that JCP is offering. The financial market freaked, and so the company freaked and fired its President.

Posted Aug 14, 2012

Social Marketing vs. Social Media

I am a social marketer who uses social media. If that statement confuses you, then read on. I’ve found that working in the realm of social marketing many people don’t quite understand what it is and generally think it is the same thing as social media.

Posted Jul 16, 2012

VI Marketing and Branding - "Thank you" Facebook ad campaign

Over the past two decades, VI Marketing and Branding’s fans have always discussed our content throughout Oklahoma City, but, until social media, we were unable to narrow down those VI “ambassadors".

Posted Feb 28, 2012

The Best Super Bowl Commercial

Chances are you didn’t see the best Super Bowl commercial (featuring Will Ferrell) as it only aired in the country’s second smallest market…North Platte.

Posted Feb 8, 2012

"Going Mobile" response for Twitter user - @7mediagroup

We were asked a question from Ron Cariker (@7mediagroup) on Twitter, “What’s @thevibrand thoughts on mbl w/ ur clients?" (In reference to a SMS campaign by Do Something -

Posted Jan 19, 2012

Pay-Per Click Advertising – More than just bidding on keywords

In 2000, Google’s formation revolutionized the way we look for information on the World Wide Web. In doing so, Google completely revamped a way for people & businesses to reach their potential consumers.

Posted Nov 28, 2011

Who’s Gonna Pay for News? You, for starters…

A few years ago I wrote in our newsletter that the news industry could not survive in its current form if it did not begin to charge for online content. What is now called a paywall, would allow the news organization to keep its reporters employed, which results in original content.

Posted May 16, 2011

Let Go of Your Covered Wagon

One of the most difficult things to understand is change. It’s just hard for humans. Whether it is moving to a new home, getting a new job, or even losing a family pet. Change is hard to deal with.

Posted Mar 18, 2011