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Best behind-the-scenes at the Puppy Bowl

Via BuzzFeed


1. EVERYTHING in this video.

2. Puppies arriving backstage.

Posted Feb 4, 2013

Super Bowl Ads Worth $4 Million Dollars a Pop? Hell Yeah

Written By VI Marketing and Branding’s PR Director Larry “Mac" McAlister

Posted Feb 3, 2013

Super Blah Week

This past week, I have attempted to have the same media consumption habits that I have every week. It has been a little experiment to see if I noticed which of the brands that are advertising in the Super Bowl were promoting their spots in what manner: social media, PR, teaser spots, etc. 

Posted Feb 3, 2013

Not changing the game- Just adding to it!

I’m a huge sports fan and I can boast having been lucky enough to attend at least a playoff game in all of the 4 major US sports as well as an Olympic gold medal hockey match; Salt Lake 2002 where the US lost to Canada. 

Posted Feb 3, 2013

111 Million Viewers is Nice, but PRing the Ads Provides Real Value

Back in the day - five to 10 years ago - companies used to spend $1.5-2.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot in hopes it made enough of an impression to be the office water-cooler talk the next day.

Posted Jan 31, 2013

Production Value and Watchability part 1

A lot of things stand out when I think about why I love to watch football. What I want to talk about here, however, are the things that don’t stick out; the little things I take for granted when I watch a game. Things that happen in the background that dramatically affect my ability to watch and enjoy a game on TV. I’m speaking of things like the number of camera angles available, the placement of those cameras, sideline microphones, motion graphics that analyze replays- stuff of that nature. Let’s call the sum of these elements “Production Value”.

Posted Jan 31, 2013

Hearts Racing, Panties Wadded Under Pressure of Super Bowl Ads

Volkswagen rolled out one of the most popular, and widely viewed Super Bowl ads of all time with its “The Force” ad featuring a cute kid as a mini-Darth Vader two years ago.

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Is Volkswagon’s Super Bowl Ad Racist?

During Super Blog week, we’re examining Super Bowl marketing through various prisms: technological, creative, demographic, and more. Today, we’ll take a look at the politics of race surrounding Volkswagon’s new Super Bowl ad.

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Gambling on the Super Bowl

For years now, we’ve been writing about the importance of placing Television ads in live programming to avoid the DVR. With over 111.3 million viewers last year, the Super Bowl is obviously the ultimate opportunity to take advantage of a captive audience. That said, the question isn’t whether or not people are going to see this spot? The question is: Is the $4 million price tag worth it?

Posted Jan 29, 2013


Outside of many high profile crisis communications efforts, possibly no public relations campaign has been so large, and so successful over the past four decades than that of the Super Bowl.

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Are Super Bowl Ads Really That Super?

Do you really like the Super Bowl ads? Really?

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Super Bowl Has a Lock on Effectiveness

How powerful of an advertising venue is the Super Bowl telecast? Almost every year, the Super Bowl propels a lesser known brand forward. GoDaddy. Apple’s MacIntosh. Apple’s Ipod. E- Trade. But, one brand always stands out in my mind when we discuss the brand recognition that can be achieved from an ad during the big game: Master Lock. Remember the spot where a guy fired a high-powered rifle and sent the bullet straight through the lock, but it didn’t open. Then he walked up to it and pulled on it and it remained locked.

Posted Jan 28, 2013