Are Super Bowl Ads Really That Super?

Author: Steve Sturges
Posted: Jan 29, 2013

Do you really like the Super Bowl ads? Really?

No, this is not another blog about why I think Super Bowl ads are so “super". Or my top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time. Like most of you, I watch the commercials during the SB every year with the hope and expectation that I’ll see something amazing and groundbreaking. Lately, I’ve been disappointed.


To me, an ad better do more than make me smile. It better stay with me, long after it leaves my screen. Especially one that spends more than the GNP of Lichtenstein to appear on air for 30 seconds. Whatever happened to engagement first? If you’re paying a gazillion dollars (yes, I believe that’s the literal asking price to buy 30-seconds of commercial time on this year’s Super Bowl – 1 Gazillion), you better have a higher calling than to simply entertain your audience.

I want revolutionary ideas. Don’t just tell me a story, show me how I can be part of that story. Don’t set out to charm me, make it a goal to capture me. Don’t just make me smile, give me a feeling that I’m one of the few who “gets the joke". Here’s hoping that the ads this year will deliver. But I’m not holding my breath. Really.


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