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Do You Know the Muffin Man?

We've been super busy the last few weeks with little time to venture out of the office, so we've been eating a lot of takeout. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – no matter what it tastes like, we devour it. That said, all of this eating out has made us quite the connoisseurs and we have a growing list of favorites who are receiving hundreds of dollars in repeat business.

Posted Jun 24, 2011

What's in a brand?

In case you mentioned Tim's article in okcBIZ this month. Here it is!

Posted Jan 20, 2011

From Mr. Obvious

The sales of ‘green’ products have been shrinking during the latter half of 2010. In 2008, marketers scrambled to add some element of environmentalism to their products. Most did it with packaging (recycled, less product, etc.), while others addressed manufacturing methods that claimed a smaller carbon footprint. Other products that truly were more inherently environmental sprang up and have created a niche industry. Example: Method cleaning products.

Posted Dec 9, 2010

Casual Friday

One of my favorite episodes of the Office is when Michael Scott quits and then returns to the company. Upon his return, he reinstates Casual Friday. Because the employees have been without Casual Friday while Charles was in charge (pun intended), they

Posted Sep 24, 2010

Branding: The Proof Is In The Pudding – And 300 Other Products

Wal-Mart has decided to invite over 300 branded products back onto its shelves after it saw its market share fall in the packaged goods segment. Last year, the retail giant replaced several well-known brands with its private labeled Great Value products.

Posted Apr 9, 2010

The VIth Sense - Snickers Satisfies

The Snickers commercial with Betty White that debuted during the Super Bowl was the most liked spot according to Nielsen IAG. It was also our most liked, but for other reasons than its mere humor. Because over half of those viewing consider the ads part of the entertainment, marketers have gone to great lengths to get noticed and make the favorites lists.

Posted Feb 9, 2010

Obligatory Tiger Comment

I suppose we have to address Tiger Woods in this issue. Not Tiger the man, but Tiger the billion-dollar brand. In the corporate marketing world, his transgressions are not considered to be bad enough to drop him from the endorsement roster, provided that the story doesn't get much deeper.

Posted Dec 9, 2009

Whats a Brand Really Worth?

When the recession began, we encouraged all marketers to continue to promote the benefits of their brand. Realizing that the panic and doom would eventually end, we suggested that strong brands survive in any market. Here's some recent support for our claim.

Posted Nov 11, 2009

Short-Term Decisions Have Long-Term Effects On Your Brand

One of our employees recently asked me if we’d be willing to change our thinking about working in a particular industry that we decided was at odds with our philosophy, given the nature of the economy.  No, we’re not going to compromise.

Posted Jan 18, 2009

Customer Satisfaction: The Best, The Worst, and What it Mans to Your Business

You may recall from our November ’07 issue of Good Vibrations that we suggested that Braum’s could drastically improve their sales by merely providing better customer service. Here’s validation to that sentiment:

Posted Mar 27, 2008