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Christmas Is The Season For Brand Loyalty

Christmas is upon us, and tis the season when we all turn to our favorite brands. Forbes came out with it’s most valuable brands of 2013 list this week, and who’d have thought it, a brand guy like me using nearly every one of the Top 10 (actually top 11, to make my point more to the point).

Posted Dec 11, 2013

The VI Guide for dressing for an interview

What should you wear to an interview?

Posted Jul 22, 2013

Don’t be afraid to be cool.

Here’s a question- what has your bank done for you lately? Keeps your balance correct? Makes sure to deduct your car payment on time don’t they? Got a really cool debit card design…. Satisfied? Now that I bring it up, you’re probably not.

Posted Jun 25, 2013

It’s Not for Robots Anymore

Ever met a business executive who watches Jimmy Fallon? Know a CEO that’s on Pandora? Seen one laugh? Cry? Even yell? Then why do marketers refuse to understand that business people are some sort of non-human entities that we must take a serious (aka BORING) approach to when we’re trying to sell them some sort of business related service?

Posted Jun 21, 2013

The Social Network: Anti-Social Marketing

Google. Apple. Nike. Coca-Cola. In my opinion, these brands knock social media out of the park. They make me want to behave differently. Google inspires me to go out and explore. Apple inspires me to be more creative. Nike inspires me to not be such a pile all the time. Coca-Cola inspires me to be happy and make others happy. These brands hone in on our emotions. They connect with us.

Posted Jun 15, 2013

Super Bowl Ads Worth $4 Million Dollars a Pop? Hell Yeah

Written By VI Marketing and Branding’s PR Director Larry “Mac" McAlister

Posted Feb 3, 2013

Hearts Racing, Panties Wadded Under Pressure of Super Bowl Ads

Volkswagen rolled out one of the most popular, and widely viewed Super Bowl ads of all time with its “The Force” ad featuring a cute kid as a mini-Darth Vader two years ago.

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Gambling on the Super Bowl

For years now, we’ve been writing about the importance of placing Television ads in live programming to avoid the DVR. With over 111.3 million viewers last year, the Super Bowl is obviously the ultimate opportunity to take advantage of a captive audience. That said, the question isn’t whether or not people are going to see this spot? The question is: Is the $4 million price tag worth it?

Posted Jan 29, 2013

You Can't Design a Brand

In the early days of advertising, a company's logo was referred to as their brand. In my mind, that term comes from the old west when livestock was marked with a branding iron to show ownership. The Lazy S Ranch burned their mark onto said animals with a branding iron. That mark is commonly referred to as a logo today. The notion that calling a logo or a design-look a 'brand' is about as outdated as the old west. Unfortunately, far too many marketers and agencies refer to logos, letterhead, brochures and other corporate identity materials as 'branding.' Basically, their design look is called their brand. Graphic design shops are experts at perpetuating this misunderstanding.

Posted Sep 21, 2012

JCPenney: Out With the Old, Out With The New

The JCPenney rebrand is officially being called a flop. It seems that the public has not yet embraced the everyday low pricing for fashion and household goods that JCP is offering. The financial market freaked, and so the company freaked and fired its President.

Posted Aug 14, 2012

Social Marketing vs. Social Media

I am a social marketer who uses social media. If that statement confuses you, then read on. I’ve found that working in the realm of social marketing many people don’t quite understand what it is and generally think it is the same thing as social media.

Posted Jul 16, 2012