Don’t be afraid to be cool.

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Jun 25, 2013

Here’s a question- what has your bank done for you lately? Keeps your balance correct? Makes sure to deduct your car payment on time don’t they? Got a really cool debit card design…. Satisfied? Now that I bring it up, you’re probably not.


I don’t really love my bank either. I don’t not like it, I’m just ambiguous. And that’s not a good reputation for a brand that has an existing relationship with a consumer. But, why would I leave for another bank- they’re all pretty benign on the excitability scale.

If I were a bank, I think I’d do a lot of neat stuff for my existing customers. That way, they’d talk about how cool I was and all of their friends would want to be my customer too. We’d be the cool bank that all the cool people wanted to be associated with. Like Bank Nike. Or Apple Bank.

Easier said than done? Not really. Banks sponsor everything. They invite a few of their best business customers. I get that. But, what a lost opportunity. Why not turn that sponsorship into a party for you and me?

They give money to charities. Why not invite me and a few other thousand customers to help build that house, serve us lunch, and send a thank you. Win-win. Think that will give me a more meaningful connection with First State Citizen Bank and Trust?

Hey bank. Don’t be afraid to be cool. You’ll be the only bank that is.

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